Tuesday, July 3, 2007

IPhone - The Ultimate Creation

For those people who wants everything come into ONE PIECE - from phone calls to audios to videos and to internet web surfing, this is THE ONE PIECE you're searching for - IPHONE!!!

This phone is sooooooo hot in NEW YORK now... I wonder will it hot at Malaysia... People in New York are queing and camping for about 2 days just to buy this phone... I wonder what's inside...

And there are some crazy freaks just dismiss all the contents inside the iphone - SEE:

From this, to

And in case you don't know... the ACTUAL cost of making an iphone is as low as $245.83 to $280.83 depends on the GBs differentiate... This means that Apple makes a healthy gross about 50% profit!!! Wow... This is how Apple can grow so big and red and juicy... Thanks to all those fanatic Apple Fans! XD

This is the price list of the Iphone... $_$

Let's see how Malaysian will react next year when Iphone attacks Malaysia! Nyehehehe XD

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