Friday, July 6, 2007

Transformers X Cineleisure

Last thursday (05-07-07), me, Seisyun + Elizabeth(Christine's new room mate) went to Cineleisure to watch the blockbuster movie - Transformers. Ya ya, I've watch it when it release - 28th of June and now, we're going to a better cinema to watch this exciting, thrilling movie.
Me, Son and Kei plan to meet at LRT at 315pm. I thought I'm going to be the last one who arrives the lrt station... Who knows, when I arrive bout 325pm, I saw no one I know there... Weird... Kei should've be the first one to arrive...

So without hesitation, I buy the ticket first. Then later Son arrive, then Kei was the last one. She walk to lrt station because no one at house to fetch her to lrt. Aiks... Should've call Son or me ne...
Then we meet Suki around 4pm... And that time I really thought we're NOT going to make it to the shuttle bus service!! Argghh~ Gotta stay at Kelana Jaya one hour? OH GOD! Please speed up the LRT please~
We reach at Kelana Jaya station RIGHT 430pm... and we go to the opposite without any delay... And somebody call Hana PLEASE! My phone left only 42cents(Anyone donate me a RM10 reload card?) Hahahaha... And just when Son is calling I saw Hana standing there with her new roommate/housemate...
It's kinda weird when 4 of us long time didn't contact with Hana and suddenly all bump in together and hang out... Feels there's some weird atmosphere... But never mind, time will make everything feels better right?
After few minutes of waiting, the shuttle bus arrive. This shuttle bus service is the most ON TIME transportation service I've ever seen in my whole life in the whole Malaysia. If every public transportation have this kind of punctuality, I think there'll be lot more of visitors coming...
We reach Ikano Power Centre bout 4:55pm... It's better we go buy the ticket first...
*The Simpsons Family*
*I think Homer got additional 3 daughters.. LOL*
*Somebody stole Homer last week...Hahahaha XD For what???*
I thought weekdays won't be so crowded at Cineleisure - due to my experience but I was wrong! There's alot of people... But we still manage to bought the ticket. After the ticket, we're heading to restaurant to have an afternoon tea(for me it's an afternoon tea time)...
*Not SHIOK at all...*
*Cheesy Fish Omelette - Just a normal Egg
*Green Tea with Honey - I think the honey is just a few drops only...*
The food and beverages of this Shiok restaurant is kinda weird and expensive... Kinda not suit for the price.... Hmm...
Yeah~! 6pm arrive! Let's go for the movie!!!!
*Going to the cinema!*
*The Silver Surfer of Fantastic 4*
The movie was soooooo awesome! Sound system, Graphic, everything!!! I just can't stop those 'Wooo' 'Wow' 'Wah' kind of thingy... Suki almost drop her tears when see all those transformation of those robots... The YENGness of those robots just make her feel touching I guess... Haha....
*Bumblebee looks cute and innocent*
*Barricade en route*
*This is the world's largest classic version figure of Optimus Prime. Why no one go steal this one?*
After the movie, Hana and Elizabeth going to buy something at Ikea and somewhere... So we separate right after the movie... and Suki suddenly remember that we're going to take puri kura(Japanese - the short pronounciation of Print Club a.k.a Photo Sticker)!!! OH YA!!! Hana~!!! But she's too far from us already...
We took about half an hour to complete the whole process. From select the machine that all of us like, change token, pose for the picture, draw and decorate it and poof... Here comes the thing that makes each of us laugh in satisfaction.
*I'll scan it after I get this from Suki*
Then, we walk to back to the Ikano Power Centre. It's already 9 something. The Street in front of The Curve lights up and crowded too... Looks like the streets at France or something, so nice...
*The Street with lights*
*French Style*
When we reach Ikano, there's a japanese food fair... and we went into the fair and walk around... Suki flirt with one boy(UNDERAGE!!) which is working there... Haha... We all laugh at her so like to flirt around. The decoration of this fair is nice~
*Sakura trees and Japanese style garden decoration.*
*Japanese bamboo*
*I wonder is this Japanese Umbrella...*
After a small walk at the fair, we're wait right at the bus stop there wondering when the bus will come... All of us thought the bus will come around 930pm... But, after 5mins, there's something wrong... And we went to check the time table... And we mistakenly remember the departure time at Kelana Jaya... not at Ikano... So the next bus will be 1030pm. Oh Great! When will we arrive home then?
*All con-ed up and no bus coming*
We went to Padini Concept Store, saw alot of discount items... All I can say is the more I look at those things, the more lust appear, and the more suffer am I cos no money to buy. So we all decided to RETREAT! Haha... We went back to the bus stop, and start to take photos... alot of it. Nyehehehe....
*Looks who's coming!! Hahahaha XD Cute~*
*Act like stranger*
*Chu and O_O*
*A not-so-perfect-love-shape*
*Aira in action*
*So proud adjusting her tudung...Hehe*
*Is this car going to transform???*
*So YENG!!!!*
*So stupid... BWAHAHAHA XD*

*Bye Bye Ikano~*

On our way back to Wangsa Maju... Still not forget to take some pictures and act stupid...


*Suki Love Pepsi!!*

Really had a great time with Seisyun!! Muacks~ I Love You ALL~!!!

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