Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Oh My God~!!! You could never believe this!!! You could never believe what you're watching on the screen - This is actually what I think when I'm in the middle watching of this movie. They got all the graphics, all the sound quality, and most of all, the plot! Although the plot is kinda hard to understand(For some younger age or some who always talk inside the cinema and didn't pay attention to what the screen is going on.) but once you understand their purpose (Their means the good robot and the bad robot) come to earth and you understand what is their target...

You'll feel that everything is going the cool way!!! I'm totally into this Transformer Addict kind of thingy... I remember the last time I watch the cartoon is somehow 15++ years ago... And I totally forgot what's their name, what's their plot and everything... Until now come this human version movie!

You know Steven Spielberg like I do... All the ET, Jurassic Park movies just make him so famous among the directors of Hollywood... And here he's collaborating with Michael Bay. I'm not sure what movie that makes Michael Bay famous, but THE movie that I watch and I remember is HIM do the directing is THE ISLAND.

Remember the all the clonning and escaping thingy that makes you feel like you're the one who being chase? Once I open HBO (Astro Channel 40) and saw the making of The Island, they show all the technics and how-to-make-the film thingy, I was like "WOW! This is what we saw and this is how they do it!" Amazing!!!

Now, these two-of-my-favourite-directors collaborate and making this film, how am I going to miss it? I'm going to watch it this Thursday and Friday AGAIN! I already watch it last Thursday, the day that this movie release!

Believe me, If you like graphics, all those breath taking scenes, sounds system, this is the movie that you're not going to MISS!!!!

P.S: Linkin Park's What I've Done is the ending theme of this music, I like it... Have a Listen!!! ^_^

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