Sunday, August 26, 2007

National Science Centre

16th of August, actually I was going to Wisma Goldhill for an interview that day. But I just cancel all my appointments and accompany my dear and two of his friends to the Security Commission at Mont Kiara.

First, when we're on the way, my dear and one of his friend Siang Hao talked about yesterday night's incident. They went to Mont Kiara to check out where the hell is the security commission as Siang Hao's girlfriend Kai Ting is going to take a remiser test there today.

When they reach around Bukit Damansara, they got police blocked for going the wrong direction and kena saman RM50. OMG~ Siang Hao is a very good boyfriend isn't? Just for his girlfriend's sake...

We went out around 845am... And I point the shortcut road to Mont Kiara which is Jln Duta. We reach there around 910am. LOL! Still quite alot of time as Kai Ting's test will start at 11am. We went to Mont Kiara and have our breakfast first.

After the breakfast is just around 10am++, we went to Security Commission instead of hanging around. What I see in front of me is the high class design of a buliding with a very ugly lift system. LOL!

*Securtiy Commission's roof top*

*Jacuzzi look a like decoration*
We sit outside the cafeteria and chat about what's about this building and how those people dress like and we look like those small little kids which goes to the wrong place. haha XD

When almost 11am that time, we comes out from the Security Commission and went to its opposite. Haha XD National Science Centre!!!! ^o^

*National Science Centre*

*The plastic walls*
I feel so special when I saw the building. I've been to National Science Centre when I was 11 years old. I know, quite a long time memory, but still I can remember things like the echo dome, the big centre court... And this time I come to refresh my memories!!!

The first thing I saw when we went inside is the big water tunnel which contains alot of lake water fish. Those fishes were huge and they're swimming inside the water looks like so comfortable. Some of them look so lazy. I feel dizzy when look at the aquarium for so long.

And we continue walk. We arrived at somekind of tropical rainforest. There was a bridge and we walk up and we saw rafflesia, tigers, orang utans. The spot lights all suddenly aim at those animals and the simulation voice of the animals is sooooooooo loud and it really freaks me out when I'm passing by.

*fake tiger*
After that we went to some kind of planetarium section. I saw all my childhood favourites. Planets, Stars, all the galaxies thingy. Wow, kinda miss all the Sailormoon characters. hehe!


After that, we went to see TONS of exhibition and things and I couldn't really remember all the things. Force exhibition, Malaysia's technologies history and bla bla bla. All I can recall is the comfortable living room with comfortable sofas. haha XD

*Space ships - NASA!?*

There's alot of parks outside too!! Like: Rabbit park, bird park, Ostrich and Sheep Park(Mehhh~) and nature park which got alot of colorful butterflies, bees, insects and Kois~!!! Haha

*Koi Pond*

It was a very fun but tiring trip actually. Alot of things to explore and play with. You act like you're a small kid who never grow up. - quote by my dear.

P.s: Beautiful Fishes~

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

PC Fair 2007 II

August 3rd - 5th, I was working at PC Fair again!!!! This time I'm working for HTC (Dopod's Manufacturer). I'm promoting the new pda phone of HTC called HTC Touch.

*Me and the HTC Touch*
This phone is slim and compact. Nice to hold and with a TouchFLO Screen. Something like IPhone. Many people come and have a glance of this Iphone Design PDA Phone. They were all talking and discussing among their friends : EH~! Iphone leh~!!! You see! Iphone oh~! Oh~!!! The new one like Iphone? Haha XD

*All the 5 girls which works for HTC*

*Ruby, the one who manage us, nice lady she is!*

Ok ok, stop bull shit around... I kinda forget what really happened during that 3 days. The only thing I know is my feet are bruise and I feel like as if it's going to broken. And when break time gotta walk to KLCC some more~ The journey to me was like walking from KL to Ipoh! T_T

One thing I get during my journey back from KLCC when I was walking at the park is - I saw some of the Champion Youth Cup team... I don't know what's the team... Their sports wear is in blue colour and their sponsors are Siemens! And they are all LENG ZAIssss~!!! Wow!!! *_* Can anyone tell me what team is that? Definitely not Chelsea because Chelsea's sponsor is Samsung.

3 days of works, 3 days of pain. And the last day was the worst! I even mad at my Dear because he try to lower my voice and I just ask him to shut up! I'm so sorry Dear.... Really sorry!Please forgive me...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Quite Long But Not Very Long One

Andy tagged me too... So I gotta do 2 tags in the same day... This tag is around July 25th... LOL!

1. Do you ever lie about your age?
Nope, What's so fun about lying it?

2. Do you prefer “sensitive boys”or “tough guys”?
Sensitive Boys

3. Do you prefer blonde or dark haired guys/girls?
Up to them...Just as long as the colour looks nice on them.

4. Are you currently single?
Nope! N/A

5. How many things in your past do you regret?
No+Thing = Nothing. I'm not regret for what I've done. It's an life experience.

6. Do you have a best friend?
Sure~!!!! I LAVU Them!!!

7. What do you want to be when you grow up?
I wanna be a happy person.

8. Who was the last person you hugged?
My dear~

9. Have you ever had your heart broken?

10. Have you ever thought about having plastic surgery?
No... Because I'm not gonna change what God have gave me.

11. Do you like your life?
Overall - YESH~! I'm Lovin' It!

12. Do you shop at Hollister?
Here don't have the shop la! The brand only available at F.O.S I think.

13. Has one of your friends ever stolen a boyfriend from you?

14. Has one of your friends ever stabbed you in the back?

15. Do you have more friends that are girls or boys?
Both equals.

16. How long have you had friendster?
3 years??

17. Have you ever cheated on someone?
Cheat by literally la... Not really serious that kind.

18. Has anyone ever cheated on you?
erm... Maybe it's a YES?

19. Have you ever slapped a boy in the face?

20. What is one of your biggest fears?
Being empty inside.

21. Have you ever skipped class?
I'm the Queen of Class Skipping!!! Muahahaha XD

22. Has anyone close to you ever passed away?
Yup. My grandfather, My Eldest uncle and My grandmother pass away in the same year 2003.

23. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?

24. Have you ever not been able to get someone out of your head?
YUP! Like now...

25. Do you believe in the saying “once a cheater, always a cheater”?
Erm... Depends on what that person cheat.

26. Have you ever had a good feeling about something and it turned out that you were right?

27. Do you ever wish you were famous?
Sometimes... Most girls will think of it aren't they?

28. Do u ever wish u were a man?

29. Do you think men smell nice in cologne?
I think they smell nice in men's perfume~!!

30.The moment of terror! I tagggg….

Why Is That So?

Got a tag from Kei way long ago... She tagged me around 13th of July... Today is 16th of August... LOL!! Already one month ago this tag.... -_-""

Ok, this tag is about : I think I'm evil, "Why is That So?"

Why is that so??? Hmm... It took me quite some time to think about which part of me is evil and WHY?

I hate to think about the reason why I must do this and why I must do that... I'm not that kind of person who likes to think alot of theories and the goods and bads if I do this action... I just do what I feel to do... And this tag really makes me suffer from thinking... Hmm...

Reason 1) Because I got a twin which her name is EVIL inside my personality. Don't you know that Gemini have 2 totally different personality underneath their face and heart?

Reason 2) Because I need to face the world which is full of evil darkness.

Reason 3) Because men likes evil-ish women... aren't they? Haha XD

Reason 4) Because I'm kinda self centred sometimes and wants everyone to obey my words.

Reason 5) Because I got alot of evils plans going inside my mind every minute! HAHA XD

Reason 6) Because EVIL is the opposite for LIVE. Means I wanna live in this world, I gotta become evil then! Haha

Reason 7) Because Vampires and Cats looks evil, I like them both, so I must become evil like one of them too!

Reason 8) Because I tag those following person to let this tag keeps on going, they must obey!! Haha XD

This evil tag I shall pass to:
3)Everyone and Anyone who likes to speaks out their EVIL thoughts. HAHA XD

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Moyu Online Game Roadshow

Last week's 10th, 11th, and 12th ofAugust I'm working for Moyu Online Game. The venue was at Times Square 9th floor. Isolated...

Micky is a very nice agent I can say... She take care and care for our working situation! Thank you~ Yeanie, this cute little who loves Hello Kitty alot is my team mate... She's a cutie pie and nice girl too~ Nice to meet ya! hehe...

Including me, there's 4 girls work for this roadshow. We're required to wear sleeveless tops, jeans skirt, sports shoes and a doggie ears and tails accessories! Haha... Like Japanese huh? I like those ears so much~!!!!

The first day we work was aslo the grand opening day of Cycom! They really put alot of effort and money to make this grand opening a success. Three lions for the lion dance... and Apple Ipod promotion! Ipod Shuffle just sell for RM99!!! Wow...

Quite complicated our job scope and quite something occurs with the guy which appear as a GM in the game and supervise us our working attitude... He have attitude problem.... Not really a nice working experience with HIM!

But anyway... Thanks to everyone who supports the success of the roadshow and thanks to Micky, Yeanie, Michelle and Kitmee! It's fun working with you guys~!! Keep it touch ya! Hope can see you guys next time!

P.S: Thanks to dear dear too for your visit and the apple pie!!! *^o^*

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My 1st Time

Pei Yue~!! Your premonition really accurate! Today Chun Munn really sms Kok Bun say wanna go out... haha! Go Midvalley~

At first I was thinking not to go also... Due to no money and don't want to disturb dear gather with his friends... BUT... Dear ask me whether I wanna follow!!!! *Touching~*

And I decided to follow because I really stay at home for these few weeks already without going anywhere... I wanna hang out even though I don't have any common topic with dear's friends... But I will behave nicely de... trust me!

Their appointment set at 430pm. I start prepare at 250pm. Dear say I'm not going to finish on time and reach there on time... I won't let dear late de! So I finish take bath, make up, change clothes and everything within 40mins! Geng leh? Hehe..

We took bus to Titiwangsa station and walk to Putra KTM station so that we can reach Midvalley by KTM... I thought walk to KTM station was an easy task... but surely it doesn't. The journey was longer and tougher than my imagination since I was wearing an 1 and a half inch high heels...

After reach KTM... my feet turns to red and some place the skin starts to peeled... Ewww...

We reach Midvalley around 440pm. Late for 10mins... But dear's friend were more late than us! LOL! Chun Munn arrive around 5pm... Alien arrives at 530pm... LOL!

It was such a fun thing to hang out with dear's friends since they all are very good in joking and talking craps. And we end up having our lunch+dinner at Nandos!! My First Time!!

Even though the price was slightly higher than Kenny Rogers, but the chicken was fresh and all the side dishes were YUMMY!!! Highly RECOMMENDED!!!! Go try yourself!

P.S: I will go eat Nandos again after I get my payment for working!! Muahahahahaha XD

Lecka Lecka

Haha~ I never imagine that I'll be one of the feature model in a well known ice cream brand website!! LOL~!!! Just like dreaming!!! Haha...

Everyone~ Support Lecka Lecka more ya! I'm going to become their loyal customer also~!! Haha XD

P.S: Thanks to Andrew, Sean, Sue and all the staffs of Lecka Lecka! It's a wonderful life time experience working with you guys!!!! ^_^

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Went to do a lifestyle and leisure survey... LOL! The office was smaller than the one I usually work at... And those questions are damn funny.

*Not Familiar Enough To Rate* LOL!

But my target to go there was the money. -That's All- Haha XD

Give me my money!!! ^_^

Monday, August 6, 2007

Relative's Wedding Banquet @ Eastin Hotel

After my work at the Matrade for the Mifb Traders Fair, I quickly rush back home and take bath and change to my dinner wear... I used about 1 and half hour to finish all the preparation... Aiks... So long hor?? Hehe =p

On the road to Eastin hotel... I was kinda boring because nothing to do in the car... I felt quite tired... -_-" Can't sleep because of the flower on my hair-do! -_-"

*my skirt with black laces and sews*

*My flower style hair do*

Finally, about 30 minutes, reached the hotel... This hotel was kinda nice... But not really classy and big enough the lobby... Probably because of the location? Dunno...

*The ONLY decoraion of the lobby*

And I found ot quite weird and funny is that their grand ballroom is somewhere located at B1 floor... LOL! What??? O_O So no class!! B1 suppose to be the grand ballroom of those guests CARS~ XD

Anyway, the first thing I saw when I reach the place is a melting ice sculpture... I wonder are those two love swans? Or just something without head.... LOL!

The hall was kinda small... All tables are like compact together in one small hall... Kinda uncomfortable.. BUT! They put some roses on the table... and the table appears so lovely cute~ Wow~!!! My table number is 7!! Haha! My lucky number!!!! XD

*Table number 7!!*

*A TABLE of roses instead of A BED*


*The ceiling of the ballroom*
Actually I sit with my family at table 12, just beside the table 7. My two niece want me to sit with them and they ask their little brother sit with my family... So, my seat changed... And this actually is the opening of a dinner disaster X_X

My two niece just non stop peeking a guy which sits at table 11... That guy looks like he's mixed or something... Got some caucasian face figure... I admit he was kinda cute though, but he's very YOUNG! T_T

My two niece realy crazy about guys... I couldn't believe that they ask my help to teach them how to go up and talk to that guy! *Faints* Really couldn't believe that nowadays little girls are so brave....

The whole hall was fill with very nice and jazzy music... All those love songs that makes my heart feel warmth... Hehe... I even think that when I married I gotta use this song, that song and all those stuffs... LOL! Think too much! I'm not even sure whether I'll get married in the future or not... haha

*Jazz Band - Soothing voice and lovely songs*

Then, here comes the bride and the bridegroom... Got two little flower girls in front lead them... Haha, so cute~ And after they walk to their main table, they were invited up to the stage to give a small short speech...
Bridegroom: You're now to witness a historic incident... because this will be my LAST time to give a speech on behalf of two of us....

*Bride and Bridegroom*

*The stage - Not really nice right?*

*CAKE!!!! *_* Can give me one piece???*
So cute.... And then, there's come the opening ceremony of the whole wedding banquet. Waiter and Waitress hand held the first dish of the night, walks out with the opening theme. LOL~

*First Dish - Cold Plate Four Season*
Even though people already start eating... My two niece still don't want to eat... Still peeking that guy at the other side, I really going to faint in front of them... Never mind... I eat first! And I eat their food also! Hahahah XD

After quite a while, one of my niece which is elder named Jill she call up a waitress, and ask her to give her a glass of red wine. I was like O_O""" WHAT??? Wine??? You're still UNDER AGE!!! She's just 15 years old for your information....

And when she had the first sip of the wine, she turn to me and say: This is a lousy wine... Made in Australia... I more O_O""""""""""""""""""""""" How she can taste that wine is made in Australia??? Oh My GOSH~!!!! Unbelievable!!!!

After she finish that glass of wine, I can feel that she become more and more crazy... I ask her to go up and talk to that guy (Because that guy's father went to wash room) and Jill really stand up, and walk towards that guy's direction... And then she turn to her right and walk a circle back to her seat.... =_=""" Kena bomb kaw kaw from her.....

Then. she ask the waitress come, and ask for Chivas plus cold sky juice. O_O""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
What's wrong with this girl???? Can somebody stop her??? She just being out of her mind already... But when the drink arrive and she have a sip, she just leave that cup of Chivas aside. LOL~ Bitter huh?

I went out and ask the bar tender outside mixed me a cup of Chivas and Coke. I know alot of people think this is the way of a little child consume alcohol but I enjoy drinking like this. What for drink so bitter? Enjoy and put some sweetness in your cup ma!!! Haha XD

I give Jill a try of my cup of Chivas, and she LOVE IT! And immediately her cup of Chivas throw to my dad, and she order another cup of Chivas, this time she add it with 7Up. LOL~

After some alcohol... We turn out to be a whore - Camera Whore. See our collection:


*Act cutie -_-" I'm old for that right?*

*One cutie angel one evil devil*

*EViL SlAvEs*


*Jill. me and Jinger*

*Big Eyes Rolling O_O*

*What am I shooting??? =_=""*

*Door Girl*

*Sexy? Nah...*

*Princess Paris Hilton*

*Blurry Effect - Thanks to Jinger Haha XD*

The dinner ends around 11pm. Jill and her younger sister Jinger didn't went up and talk to that guy. I already half fainted with their action and the alcohol in my cup of chivas. Me and my dad went to shake hands of both bride and bridegroom's family. And I steal some of the white roses beside the red carpet. LOL~

*White roses smells nice*

I totally can't remember what's the taste of all the dishes that day... Just know that I've learn one lesson - Never ever sit with Jill and Jinger AGAIN!!! Haha XD