Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My 1st Time

Pei Yue~!! Your premonition really accurate! Today Chun Munn really sms Kok Bun say wanna go out... haha! Go Midvalley~

At first I was thinking not to go also... Due to no money and don't want to disturb dear gather with his friends... BUT... Dear ask me whether I wanna follow!!!! *Touching~*

And I decided to follow because I really stay at home for these few weeks already without going anywhere... I wanna hang out even though I don't have any common topic with dear's friends... But I will behave nicely de... trust me!

Their appointment set at 430pm. I start prepare at 250pm. Dear say I'm not going to finish on time and reach there on time... I won't let dear late de! So I finish take bath, make up, change clothes and everything within 40mins! Geng leh? Hehe..

We took bus to Titiwangsa station and walk to Putra KTM station so that we can reach Midvalley by KTM... I thought walk to KTM station was an easy task... but surely it doesn't. The journey was longer and tougher than my imagination since I was wearing an 1 and a half inch high heels...

After reach KTM... my feet turns to red and some place the skin starts to peeled... Ewww...

We reach Midvalley around 440pm. Late for 10mins... But dear's friend were more late than us! LOL! Chun Munn arrive around 5pm... Alien arrives at 530pm... LOL!

It was such a fun thing to hang out with dear's friends since they all are very good in joking and talking craps. And we end up having our lunch+dinner at Nandos!! My First Time!!

Even though the price was slightly higher than Kenny Rogers, but the chicken was fresh and all the side dishes were YUMMY!!! Highly RECOMMENDED!!!! Go try yourself!

P.S: I will go eat Nandos again after I get my payment for working!! Muahahahahaha XD

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