Sunday, August 26, 2007

National Science Centre

16th of August, actually I was going to Wisma Goldhill for an interview that day. But I just cancel all my appointments and accompany my dear and two of his friends to the Security Commission at Mont Kiara.

First, when we're on the way, my dear and one of his friend Siang Hao talked about yesterday night's incident. They went to Mont Kiara to check out where the hell is the security commission as Siang Hao's girlfriend Kai Ting is going to take a remiser test there today.

When they reach around Bukit Damansara, they got police blocked for going the wrong direction and kena saman RM50. OMG~ Siang Hao is a very good boyfriend isn't? Just for his girlfriend's sake...

We went out around 845am... And I point the shortcut road to Mont Kiara which is Jln Duta. We reach there around 910am. LOL! Still quite alot of time as Kai Ting's test will start at 11am. We went to Mont Kiara and have our breakfast first.

After the breakfast is just around 10am++, we went to Security Commission instead of hanging around. What I see in front of me is the high class design of a buliding with a very ugly lift system. LOL!

*Securtiy Commission's roof top*

*Jacuzzi look a like decoration*
We sit outside the cafeteria and chat about what's about this building and how those people dress like and we look like those small little kids which goes to the wrong place. haha XD

When almost 11am that time, we comes out from the Security Commission and went to its opposite. Haha XD National Science Centre!!!! ^o^

*National Science Centre*

*The plastic walls*
I feel so special when I saw the building. I've been to National Science Centre when I was 11 years old. I know, quite a long time memory, but still I can remember things like the echo dome, the big centre court... And this time I come to refresh my memories!!!

The first thing I saw when we went inside is the big water tunnel which contains alot of lake water fish. Those fishes were huge and they're swimming inside the water looks like so comfortable. Some of them look so lazy. I feel dizzy when look at the aquarium for so long.

And we continue walk. We arrived at somekind of tropical rainforest. There was a bridge and we walk up and we saw rafflesia, tigers, orang utans. The spot lights all suddenly aim at those animals and the simulation voice of the animals is sooooooooo loud and it really freaks me out when I'm passing by.

*fake tiger*
After that we went to some kind of planetarium section. I saw all my childhood favourites. Planets, Stars, all the galaxies thingy. Wow, kinda miss all the Sailormoon characters. hehe!


After that, we went to see TONS of exhibition and things and I couldn't really remember all the things. Force exhibition, Malaysia's technologies history and bla bla bla. All I can recall is the comfortable living room with comfortable sofas. haha XD

*Space ships - NASA!?*

There's alot of parks outside too!! Like: Rabbit park, bird park, Ostrich and Sheep Park(Mehhh~) and nature park which got alot of colorful butterflies, bees, insects and Kois~!!! Haha

*Koi Pond*

It was a very fun but tiring trip actually. Alot of things to explore and play with. You act like you're a small kid who never grow up. - quote by my dear.

P.s: Beautiful Fishes~

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