Tuesday, August 21, 2007

PC Fair 2007 II

August 3rd - 5th, I was working at PC Fair again!!!! This time I'm working for HTC (Dopod's Manufacturer). I'm promoting the new pda phone of HTC called HTC Touch.

*Me and the HTC Touch*
This phone is slim and compact. Nice to hold and with a TouchFLO Screen. Something like IPhone. Many people come and have a glance of this Iphone Design PDA Phone. They were all talking and discussing among their friends : EH~! Iphone leh~!!! You see! Iphone oh~! Oh~!!! The new one like Iphone? Haha XD

*All the 5 girls which works for HTC*

*Ruby, the one who manage us, nice lady she is!*

Ok ok, stop bull shit around... I kinda forget what really happened during that 3 days. The only thing I know is my feet are bruise and I feel like as if it's going to broken. And when break time gotta walk to KLCC some more~ The journey to me was like walking from KL to Ipoh! T_T

One thing I get during my journey back from KLCC when I was walking at the park is - I saw some of the Champion Youth Cup team... I don't know what's the team... Their sports wear is in blue colour and their sponsors are Siemens! And they are all LENG ZAIssss~!!! Wow!!! *_* Can anyone tell me what team is that? Definitely not Chelsea because Chelsea's sponsor is Samsung.

3 days of works, 3 days of pain. And the last day was the worst! I even mad at my Dear because he try to lower my voice and I just ask him to shut up! I'm so sorry Dear.... Really sorry!Please forgive me...

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Dave63 said...

Hola Hermanita, You look great in the photos, I miss you and I am sorry I have not written much latley, I am very busy looking for work. please forgive me.