Thursday, August 16, 2007

Why Is That So?

Got a tag from Kei way long ago... She tagged me around 13th of July... Today is 16th of August... LOL!! Already one month ago this tag.... -_-""

Ok, this tag is about : I think I'm evil, "Why is That So?"

Why is that so??? Hmm... It took me quite some time to think about which part of me is evil and WHY?

I hate to think about the reason why I must do this and why I must do that... I'm not that kind of person who likes to think alot of theories and the goods and bads if I do this action... I just do what I feel to do... And this tag really makes me suffer from thinking... Hmm...

Reason 1) Because I got a twin which her name is EVIL inside my personality. Don't you know that Gemini have 2 totally different personality underneath their face and heart?

Reason 2) Because I need to face the world which is full of evil darkness.

Reason 3) Because men likes evil-ish women... aren't they? Haha XD

Reason 4) Because I'm kinda self centred sometimes and wants everyone to obey my words.

Reason 5) Because I got alot of evils plans going inside my mind every minute! HAHA XD

Reason 6) Because EVIL is the opposite for LIVE. Means I wanna live in this world, I gotta become evil then! Haha

Reason 7) Because Vampires and Cats looks evil, I like them both, so I must become evil like one of them too!

Reason 8) Because I tag those following person to let this tag keeps on going, they must obey!! Haha XD

This evil tag I shall pass to:
3)Everyone and Anyone who likes to speaks out their EVIL thoughts. HAHA XD

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