Friday, September 21, 2007


This is the 100 post of mine. And by this using this oppostunity, I would like to dedicate this post to the story - 速食女孩.

I wrote this story based on own experience and this story only contains chinese characters.

Thank you for your support to my blog.

I'll keep on going and do my best in blogging!

Thank you everyone!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Nonstop Working

*Sleeping* On my way home

Recently I was non stop working... From Merdeka that week until today... At last, I'm home! Tiring~ Will keep on posting when I gain back my energy later!
Lots of stories to tell! Wait me wake up ya! Haha XD

Monday, September 3, 2007

Wu Bai & China Blue Flower Tour Live in Genting

18th of August. A very very busy day for me as I went to the training for the California Fitness Sunway Pyramid Soft Launch at MidValley.

I was the FIRST ONE to reach there... Kinda surprise right? The LATE QUEEN is the first one to reach on time. Just that I wanna change my bad habit... Nyehehe

After the whole training finish, I drag my dizzy head rush back to my home with the maximum speed I can because I'm going to GENTING with my dear~!! Wooo hoooo~!!!

I reach the Pekeliling Bus Stop at 425pm and we're going on a 430pm bus. Phew~ Luckily can reach on time.

Wondering why I went to Genting? Nothing much... Just to watch Wu Bai's Live Concert... HAHA! Since when I'm a fan of Wu Bai? I'm not his fan honestly, it's just because that my mum's friend got free ticket and she gave me! Since me and Dear don't have anything to do, so we decided to go Genting even though we didn't book any room.

We reach there about 6pm, still have one more hour to go and we're kinda hungry. We went to the police station beside Ria Apartment and bought the keropok lekor and sit at the park beside the Theme Park hotel and eat! So delicious!!

After finish, we went to walk around... The weather that day was kinda cold and very heavily covered by mist. There's even smoke comes out from my mouth when I'm breathing or talking. So nice, I'm like at UK or something!!

Around 7pm, we queue up at the main entrance of the Theme Park waiting for those crew to let us go inside the Arena oF Stars. There was alot of aunties and uncles which get the ticket by redeem the ticket with their genting points.

When we're allow to go inside, I saw a stall selling those Concert Merchandise at outside the door of Arena of Stars. There's T-Shirt, alot of figures, flower light stick and alot of very Rock-ish, Cool stuff! But I'm not allowed to buy any... T_T I want the logo to patch on my clothes!!! X_X

The show start at 815pm. Late about 15 minutes but it's ok because those audiences a.k.a aunties and uncles were walking too slow and many aundience haven't reach yet.

When I saw Wu Bai come out from the backstage. I burst in laugh! I totally can't imagine how this old fella is going to dance the flower dance. Oh My God! But his voice is powerful even though he's old... *Respect*

Even though I'm not his fans, and I was like only know only ONE or TWO(maximum) of his songs, but I still scream and shout and jump till so high. I guess this is the miracle of music which can brings out the natural high-ness in one's heart and soul. Haha!

The concert totally got 3 encore. I just can't resist myself from jumping, shouting, waving... Just like Wu Bai's fans... haha~ What more can I say? The hot blood and lust of music is running wild inside my veins and I'm totally went crazy!

Miracle of music, Miracle of rock. Wu Bai and China Blue's 15th Anniversary. They're the Emperor of ROCK!