Thursday, October 18, 2007

Casino - VIP Area

Have any of you guys been to Genting's VIP area Casino? I DO!!

LOL! It's a very good experience for me - this under age small girl to go in this big place.

I go inside to work actually... standing beside the lucky draw machine and ask gamblers to participate in the lucky draw held by Genting.

By the way... no people give tips to me... T_T Sob!!!

Show you guys some photos of the VIP area.

*Main Entry of the VIP Area*

*Outside the toilet's waiting area*

*Even the wall lamp looks nice to me!*

*Toilet all made by MARBLES~!!*

LOL! That's all... Haha. People go in and comes out with alot of cash....

When only I can go in and gambler like rich woman? Haha!

1 comment:

thetwins said...

WEll SHIT, i've been go to Genting, but you know i can't see the casino becuse i'm 20 th.