Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bangi Kopitiam Setapak ( ̄ヘ ̄+)

This is the worst high-end-wanna-be kopitiam I've ever been.

The drinks there taste like took from can drinks like nescafe or something and add water and ice.

The food there was average.

The atmosphere there kinda weird. Not old enough to become a kopitiam, but still trying hard to be...

The prices there are higher than usual kopitiam e.t.c OldTown Kopitiam.

*Big old photo at the back... All Malays...Weird...*

*Alot of families come here to have their dinner too*

*This drink cost me about RM2.80!!! - Even BRJ's Rm1.20 is tastier than THIS!*
What else I'm gonna say? Nothing. No next time for this.

1 comment:

FiRdAuS said...

btul2 :D mmg mahal kan :D

- pekerje ngan boss Bangi Kopitiam - huhu! :P