Monday, November 19, 2007

Chop N Steak

Me, Kok Bun, Peiyue and Anthony went to Serdang few weeks ago. Originally we're heading to Taman Connaught's night market. But the traffic is soooooooo jam until we give up that decision and go for a new destination.

This restaurant, I saw it with Kokbun at Chinese Cari Forum. Since the introducer say the price there is not expensive and food was ok, so we decided to have a try - Chop N Steak.

We asked Anthony does he know where is the location of the restaurant. He said he know. So, we trusted him. And this was a wrong decision. He spend around 20 mins to find this restaurant he said he know where it is. Ending of the searching is we pointed another direction and lead him there. Then we saw the restaurant.

It was very nice decorated. I think they try to decorate it as a 'Cowboy' theme.

This restaurant located at Sri Serdang, Jln 18/4. If you're going to Serdang, you can try search for this restaurant. It's inside those housing area. Opposite of it have a big field and school.

The cheapest thing here is Chicken Chop - RM6.00. And the fruit juice here is very very nice and freshly made and only cost RM2.00 for one mug!! Very very economical for student.

I forgot to take pictures of the food because I was toooooooo hungry and right when the food arrives, I ate it up! =^^"= LOL! Pai seh... The food there taste quite nice de... hehe...

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Jane said...

I just been there yesterday @ 8pm. The price is cheap. However, the food and the service is lower average, and out of expectation.