Saturday, November 10, 2007

Red Wuhan Dragon Counter Strike Attack

Went to become an extra talent with Kei, Peiyue, Wan Joe and Elaine... at The Mines Resort.

It's an act where all the girls have to act like sooooooo crazy and idolise the group of china guy who plays Counter Strike.... It's a short film to be show at US for those americans knows that Asian LOVES CS!!!! Haha...

We went there, we run, we scream, we hide, we just make everything seems so crazy and fun... Haha...

I heard that this short film is going to show at AXN next year... Don't know whether is real or not...

*The dolphin statue of The Mines Resort*

*Wanjoe and Peiyue sitting and wait...*

*Posing on wood bench... LOLxx*

Anyone who interested can go to the website - CGS.
P.S: Wuhan Dragon team's uniform is red colour... I wear red for that day also... What a good colour!!

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