Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Recently went to quite alot of places to eat FOOD! Thanks to Anthony for giving out his time, his car, his petrol and most of his money... Nah~ Kidding... Money not included...

And one day... We went to visit the Sunway Pyramid new wing... and then it's dinner time... We don't know what to eat...

*My look for the Sunway Trip... Added some bling bling at my lower eye lid*
After thinking and thinking and thinking... They wanna head to SS2... LOL! A food heaven?
We reach the food court kinda place... Very hard to find places to SIT! Oh My God! Plus that day is SUNDAY -Family Day...

It's been a while we're standing there and finding empty space to fit 4 of us in... And then we find the place, ordered and wait for food....

The food we had is just something normal...

Then, the 2nd round is - SS2 Chef Lung... Not the Dragon-I one... Is the one that serves dessert and small snacks...

It's me who suggest to go to Chef Lung and I suggest them order a Yang Zhi Jin Lu. (Pure Mango Juice + Pomelo Fruit(Real Fruit) in small pieces + Kiwi Seeds + Vanilla Ice Cream in the middle.) I heard this is a very tasty, juicy, fruity dessert from my friends and I wanted to try it long ago.

My dear ordered the Yang Zhi Jin Lu, I ordered a peanut paste soup + additional Tang Yuen, Peiyue ordered a Honey Dew Sai Mai Lou and Anthony ordered a VeryAwkwardSmellyTasteSoBitter Gui Ling Gao. Hahaha.... Besides that me and peiyue order two snacks too... Mine is Fried Mango Prawn and she ordered a Mayonaise Fried Prawn.

*The Famous Yang Zhi Jin Lu*

*My Peanut Paste Soup... The Tang Yuen inside is black sesame...*

*Peiyue's Honey Dew Sai Mai Lou... Very refreshing and tasty!!*

*My Fried Mango Prawn... Yummy!!! But all of them say weird*

*Peiyue's Fried Mayonaise Prawn*

Everyone was kinda fun eating there... We tried alot of new things... Hehe... And it's not really expensive for people who wanna eat very nice dessert.

I shall post up more delicious foods and places in the future... Hehe! Please do leave comment about it~!!! ^_^

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