Sunday, February 3, 2008

La Marche De L'Empereur

I saw the penguin poster quite a few years ago at the GSC Cinema MidValley International Screen advertisement board... But I didn't went to watch that movie... And I kinda make some vow inside my heart that someday I'm going to watch that movie in my lifetime, at least ONCE!

I was a huge penguin fan... I think penguin is the most adorable creatures made by God and they're so kind and loyal... I watched Happy Feet for about 5 times! I just couldn't resist the cuteness aura from those fluffy animals!

However, I manage to watch the movie I failed to last few days ago. The english name for this movie is March of The Emperor. And after watch this movie like documentary, I have alot of feelings...

I felt the suffer journey of a penguin, and their determination to survive under a very critical weather which can reach -62degrees, their love for their babies, their love for their spouse which is they're loyal to in their lifetime.... Even human being couldn't do these, a penguin manage to.

And besides this movie's penguin impact, I'm actually drown into FRENCH now... Due to the soundtrack singer and composer Emilie Simon have a nice, heavenly soft voice, I start to listen to french songs sung by her now...

Maybe you guys should have a look at the movie... It'll bring you some whole new life experience...
*The beautiful Emilie Simon*

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