Monday, February 4, 2008

Mizi Shabu Shabu

I dunno since November or December of 2007, Kok Bun been always dreaming to eat this delicious shabu shabu. He saw the post in the forum and the HoChiak at Tv8 also introduce this shop....

And yesterday, one day before he went back to Ipoh, and main reason is the car got petrol, we went all the way from Setapak to Puchong to search for this shabu shabu shop. (We don't know the exact location of the shop, just now it's near to the Giant at Bandar Puteri Puchong area...)

First, I took the wrong way... I turn to Jln Ampang from Jelatek. Yes, it's a very stupid move cos I was trying to go to Puchong by going through Bukit Jalil.... And I fail, cos I figure it out there's another alternative road, which is from the Bulatan Pandan, took the new KL-Putrajaya highway and reach Bukit Jalil at the middle of the highway....

And damn, Kok Bun say: Why don't we took the Sg Besi road, reach to the Old Klang road and then Puchong is just beside the Old Klang Road.... Ok, I agreed with him and turn up to the Sg Besi direction, goes with the flow and FXXK!!!! I miss the junction that turns into Old Klang Road!!!

It's raining, I'm stucked in the traffic that goes slow.... And gotta make a stupid U-Turn at the Desa Petaling.... Everything is time consuming, everything is going so slow and our stomach is getting hungrier~

When I saw the Neway advertisement board at Casa Square, I actually drive for nearly 1hour and 30 minutes already...(Bun, can send you back Ipoh already lo....) Thanks to all the help from the rain and the people who still wanna come out to shopping in a raining day.

Bun's friend Tah Wai actually live at Bandar Puteri... We went to his house once at January, but we didn't notice there's any Giant around there.... Haihz.... So decided to brave once more, straight drive to Bandrar Puteri and try our luck see whether Giant is around or not....

And Giant is just around the corner! Wow... means we're near.... There's 2 phrase of shoplots... which one? The one beside Giant or Opposite one? Hmm... We tried the beside one anyway, and found out there's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many steamboat restaurant... Wow... This must be a steamboat area.

And we found the Mizi steamboat at the opposite phrase of Giant!! See:

After park the car, we went inside. The design of the shop was nice~ Clean, tidy, kinda unique for a shabu shabu steamboat restaurant...

At here, everyone have their own bowl of hot soup.... So no more sharing saliva, especially those who dislike steamboat due to hygiene reason, can try shabu shabu.

Me and Bun ordered two sets, one is Beef set and another one is Seafood mix set... You can also choose your own soup taste. There's 4 choice: Kimchi, Chinese Herbal, Tom Yam and Ginseng. We choose Tom Yam... and another bowl of soup is original, no taste added.

Here, let the picture do some talking:

*This beef slice is the nicest beef I ever ate in my 21 years life... So juicy, so soft~*

*There's plenty of sauces, and the plate with tomotoes one is the Tom Yam soup paste, you gotta add it inside your clear soup so it becomes Tom Yam, totally like diy cooking own soup.*

*There's fishball, tofu, needle mushroom, and all kinds of vegetables in a set.*

*Kok Bun's seafood set even come with 2 scallops!! So nice~ YUMMY!!*

Both set's price is Rm20.90 each, and the Tom Yam paste is RM3,(Which I found not worth at all...)Green tea is Rm1 each for unlimited refill... Totally we spent Rm51.48 and we eat till so full!!! Kok Bun said this is the most comfortable steamboat he ever had, no sweaty sweaty or oily oily... Fresh air, nice surroundings... Worth to come for another few times. Haha!!

PS: Is there any near road I can take to reach Puchong faster???

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