Monday, April 28, 2008

1 Hour++ Wat Dan Hor

I don't know whether this mee is specially design to fit the lifestyle of those "LOHAS", but if you wanna eat this at the Ipoh town area, definitely don't go when you're stomach is crying for food... Because you'll need to wait for more than ONE HOUR!!!

I arrived there at 9pm, there are just a few tables(not more than 5) waiting for this Wat Dan Hor... and we ordered, sit down and wait too... Time past slowly, 9:15pm, 9:20pm, 9:30pm, and I'm starving!!! (X_X) I went to the store beside and buy 2 pack of Twiggies, ate it, and i's only 10pm, and there's 2 more tables.... Argh~

10:20pm!!! And my food arrive!!!! Yeah~ Thank god I'm still alive to eat this Lohas Style Wat Dan Hor!

*THE Wat Dan Hor I'm waiting... Looks like Loh Mee anyway...*

*Haha, I'm so boring and nothing to do, so here comes a food style mickey mouse*
Next time, when you're very hungry, don't go there!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Me @ Ipoh

Went to Ipoh at March~ (That's why couldn't online and update my blog... sorry T_T) Went back due to settle the pregnancy problem a.k.a wedding stuff.

Didn't know that Ipoh was soooooooo much more different than KL, more different that what I'm expecting, couldn't really go along with Ipoh's lifestyle.... Hehe... Maybe need some more training only can stay there for short period...

1st, I'm so happy because get to know Kok Bun's family... haha... Although I know ut's very awkward for them for a stranger to go to their house so sudden, but I really appreciate and feel grateful for all their help while I'm staying there.... See, here's Kok Bun's 2 niece!! So cute~ @^o^@

2nd, I didn't went to alot of places at Ipoh this time because no transportation and no time too... But I manage to went to few places to try out some stuffs... hehe.

*Sprite+Ice Cream!! A MUST TRY!!!*

*Ya, very funny......=_=*

*The so call yummy soya drink... alot of cars stop by at the road side to order...*

*Buddhist centre near San Poh Cave there...*

3rd, that time when I ws at Ipoh, everyday raining.(Am I the one who bring the rain?) LOL.... So here's to show you how scary the weather was.... haha...