Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Have Something To Say

1. I think that Dr.Mahathir shouldn't ask other UMNO members to pull themselves out from the party. I really don't think this is a wise action... I know he wanna shows that he still have the power to influence people inside the party and government, but what the Malaysians really wanna see is the unity of the party, help from those elder... Even though everyone thinks the PM now is not doing his job properly, why don't Mahathir try to give him some help instead of stabbing the PM from the back?

2. Szechuan's disaster really makes people in this world sad... I hope that things will turn out become better. Even though I can't help in the way of financial or physical, I still hope that people will keep on donate money for them, raising funds for them... I will keep on praying... Be Tough!!

3. I really thinks that the life after married actually feels the same... Haha!! I actually do wish to stay the same... Got own privacy, can do what I feel like wanna do... Keeping secrets for my own, blogging as usual!! ^_^ Nice~!!

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