Monday, May 5, 2008

My Room *_*

Been busy go IKEA and buy room's stuffs to decorate the new room!! ^_^

Bought a new bed frame (RM199) + their new spring mattress SULTAN (RM459)... Their mattress is very nice to sleep on eh~ 25 years guarantee some more, where to find? Others no brand furniture store the most cheap mattress also cost about RM399 + 10 years guarantee, I rather buy it at IKEA...


Then I was busy moving my things out of my room (which is not my room now, become my small brother's room already, I miss my room's colour = green + blue) alot of things to pack, and unpack, alot of books, alot of clothes which i have to give to other people... So busy ar~

*The Mask*

*Kok Bun say I look like Beckham's hairstyle, do I?? X_X*

By the way, bought a plant to make the room looks lively! I just love my room... hehe.

*The small christmas tree look alike plant*

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