Sunday, May 4, 2008

Thien Hou Gong

Should've post this at March actually... But you know, went to Ipoh few times that spends my few weeks time at the no telephone line no streamyx no computer place so this post comes late.... Sorry...

Actually it's just a trip I made for check out the marriage registration thingy and some details of it. Alot of people say Chinese at KL like to go to Thien Hou Gong to do the registration, so I decided to go there and have a look...

Yes, it's a nice place. Full of very good 'Qi' and have very nice view.... as you can see below...

*Blue sky, chinese design temple*

*a big Guan Yin Niang Niang stood at outside to greet you*

*Thien Hou Gong - an artistic shoot from my S500i! Not bad huh?*

And outside of the Marriage Registration Office is well, nicely decorated... Full of Loves~

*The office*

*The Path of Fate and Marriage*

*Even the outside pathway have small love on it... cute*

But still I think I'm not going to do my registration there, cos there actually cost RM60+ more than you go to government place to do the registration... And for my situation now, saving cost is the first thing I wanna do... But still I went to the temple and have a look around.

*all the red Tang Lungs(Lanterns)

*The symbolic of Chinese - Dragon*

*The small place for people to sit and rest*

*The shadows of lanterns*

*Another Guan Yin Niang Niang - when you kneel down in front of it, the saint water will come out from her bottle!!*

*This is Sheng Mu Niang Niang if I'm not wrong....*

Thien Hou Gong actually is a very nice place whenever you:
1. Wanna bring friends from other state or other country to visit Malaysia's tourism hot spot.
2. You're not like me, saving budgets for other coming things so you can go here to register for your marriage.
3. Finding some place to do some photo taking
4. Kena haunted by ghost also can come here, no ghost dare to go near Thien Hou Gong.
5. When you're really boring and no place to go!

So, be sure to bring alot of water, bring umbrella, small hand fan, put on sunscreen lotion before you go ya! ^_^

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