Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wedding Photo Shoot

After settle all those ceremonies, dinners, finally I have time to upload all the wedding pictures I've taken at Ipoh. These pictures are all resizes by myself and quite time consuming, so hope you guys enjoy watching it.

Actually taking wedding pictures can be a fun experience! Although it tooks alot alot of effort to complete the whole thing, from make-up until the endof those design confirmation and photo processing, but you'll feel very happy when see the whole album comes in the design that you want. ^_^

So, firstly is the white gown. Vivien told me that she saw this kind of white gown design can consider as latest design, I'm not sure about it whether it's the most trendy gown nowadays or not, but I really like this set of pictures~!!!

*The picture I LOVE MOST!!! Also been enlarge and put at the wall now!! Hehe*

Then, same gown, but different location, photos taken at outside the garden of the bridal house.

This set of picture actually is taken at the time the sun really is at the middle of the sky! So hot and so bright I couldn't really open my eyes wide enough to look inside the camera... Luckily I'm wearing strapless gown, but still very hot, imagine Kok Bun wearing so many layers of suit... haha... sure sweat like hell~

The 2nd gown was more simple, but it's attached with a very vey long tail.... And that makes a lots of effects on this set of pictures... Some say this set of pictures nice, but honestly I don't really like my face shape at the 1st set of hair setting, looks kinda weird for me...

After few shots of blue background, with the same gown with no tails attached, I change my hairstyle too~

Then some outdooor shots,

Actually shooting this set of outdoor pictures, that time the sky is kinda greyish and it looks like going to rain soon... But thanks to those photoshop's technic the sky looks nice!

It's evening gown time! I choose this funky orange colour gown because everyone say it appears to be nice to see in photo, what you think?

This set of evening gown shots actually ended quite fast... Both us and the camera man actually start to become tired and exhausted... So without any bullshit, continue to the traditional dress. There's plenty of choices for the traditional dress actually, I choose the Ge Ge style(Princess) instead of Japanese kimono is because their kimono looks way too plain!!!

Both me and Kok Bun actually can't really SMILE like we use to in the 1st set of pictures... It's already 6 something in the evening by the time we took this set of photos... So we kinda smile like faking it because I feel like my jaws are going to drop!!!

After taking all the photos, and some time to process, the time to select photos are actually quite suffer! Imagine that the camera man took 170 something of photos, and all nice nice one, and you have to eliminate the 140 something photos, and choose only 30 poses to put inside the album... You'll wish you have money then you can make the album become 2 then at least you can save 60 poses inside don't you?

Took the whole set of photos(30 poses) + one 16x24 big size photo with frame + two 8x12 photos with frame + one 8x12 crystal frame photo + S size small decoration crystal frame photo + 60 pieces of photo card to be given to relatives and friends + all the things to be lend out on the day that ceremony held and some small stuffs and bla bla blas total in RM1413!! You could never find the price as low as THIS in KL!!!! I swear~!! Unless you take photos at those Indians photo shop at Jln Brickfields!

So, if there's any couple at Ipoh who are getting married, wish to look for a nice bridal house but budget very tight, you can go to this bridal house at Ipoh:

de Coutre Bridal
11, Persiaran Kampar,
30250 Ipoh,
Perak, Malaysia.


Patricia*Pat PAT said...

you really marry or just shoot for fun ?

Kei said...

she really got married