Monday, June 30, 2008


The fever is heating up to its peak and it's going to end soon - by 30th of June 2008, there'll be the final match of Euro 2008 between Germany and SPAIN!!!
*Euro 2008! Held at Austria & Switzerland*

That means it's TODAY!!! Wow... I've been supporting Spain for winning for this whole Euro cup thingy and everything will be decided tonight! Isn't this thrilling and exciting?

I didn't watch EVERY match of the Euro cup, but I do read news and match analysis... So I know roughly what is happening during the whole championship thingy.

Don't know why, I got a little bit of obsession to football while other girls are obsessed with shopping. Maybe I got some influence from my dad who watch football matches since I was small and innocent...(and yeah~ my dad is a Liverpool fans!) Although sometimes those players didn't really heat up the match with good football skills and make the match looks a bit boring and dull, but I still manage to finish the whole match without any complaining...

But sometimes I get a little bit confused what's the players name because they look tiny inside the TV, and when the referee blows his whistle. I couldn't really understand thoroughly which kind of fault is suppose to be allow and which is not... But I know I hated some referees which give bias decision and didn't treat the 2 teams equally... It's very obvious!!! Every audience can see it by their eyes!!!

But I guess the referee kinda scare to do it tooooo obviously because I've heard Kok Bun said that some referee are like suddenly disappear from the earth... Their existance are unknown... Rumour say they're killed by fans, some say they moved and stay inside the woods... LOL!


*Fernando Torres and David Villa... Too bad David Villa's thigh muscle hurt and couldn't attend the final match... But he's one of the player of Spain too, he will share the honour just like other Spain players too!*

Anyway, I would like to dedicate this post to SPAIN!!! And wish that today will be their day to lift up the trophy and people will talk about them in the coming four years! It is an honour to win in this kind of international football match...

I will watch the match again at McD Jln Pahang... I just LOVE their newly construct smoking area... They really make the whole McD become nice and enjoyable! No, not that I will sit inside the smoking area and watch the football match for 2 hours+(I'm not that crazy to become a 2nd hand smoker while I am WHAT I am now), I will sit at the non-smoking area with cozy cushioned seat and watch the match. Hehe.

*Yeah~!!! This is the Jln Pahang McDonald's outlet I was talking about~ Big and Nice!!!*

*Smokers inside the smoking area watching the match, sometimes I feel like I'm watching them inside an aquarium! LOL!!!*

*I HEART BIG BREAKFAST SET!!! My only choice when it comes to McDonald's breakfast varities*

I don't know what I will eat tonight, but I know that after this whole thingy ends, it's time for me to rest enough and have to start to prepare evrything for my precious little baby to come out... Hehe~!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Restaurant Shabu-Shabu, Puchong

Thursday was a busy day for me... Because I think I'm non-stop eating. From the 1st minute I awake until I fall asleep, I can feel my stomach very full and everything is like stacking up inside.

At the afternoon, before Peiyue come to my house, we went to the 烧腊 stall( a hawker stalls sells grill chicken, duck and pork meat rice) just outside my house to have our lunch. That stall's owner actually is a cook inside some famous restaurants or hotels, but I guess he knows with his skills he can earn more by opening a stall by himself so he decided to quit his job... And still he wears his chef's uniform when selling rice... But the price is not normal, expensive a bit compare to outside stalls...

After the lunch, we went to Public Bank a while cos Peiyue wanna take her car's new road tax, then she come to my house to stick *bling bling* stones to her Sony Ericsson Z610i. Now her phone is much more *BLINGER* than mine... Haha~

Then out of the sudden, Kok Bun ask: Tonight's dinner wanna eat shabu-shabu??? I was like "HUH???? How come so sudden wanna eat this kind of things???" Then you know what's his explanation? Did you guys watch the new TVB Drama called '法证先峰' (Forensic Heroes)? Inside got one scene is the policeman who thought he got AIDS finally know how to savour the dishes and enjoy life... And the dishes he ate with the his forensic medicine girl friend is high class japanese beef slices... And the beef slices they ate makes Kok Bun thought of the beef slices we had at the Mizi shabu-shabu restaurant... If you can't imagine how it's look like, then you can refer here.

And the outgoing Peiyue wanna try shabu-shabu too because beside the normal kind of steamboat and paper steamboat, she haven't try shabu-shabu yet, so she go home first, ask Anthony along and then the plan is ON!

The journey to Puchong is not a short one from Setapak. Honestly I think I can reach KLIA and Puchong at the same time if I take the new KLIA-Putrajaya route.... Although Puchong have alot of nice restaurants and tasty foods, its journey really scare me off. After 1 hour of driving, finally we reach there safe and sound...

This restaurant's location is just beside the Bandar Puteri's Giant, and same row with Citibank, a very obvious route sign which you can see it's located at your left side right after you turn into the junction of Bandar Puteri. But finding car park may be a very suffering task because there's A LOT of PEOPLE go to shopping and having their meals there, A LOT of CARS too... Gotta be lucky if you wish to park nearer to the shops.

*The main door of Restaurant Shabu-Shabu*

*There are peoplessss inside the restaurant, so we have to go to the 1st floor only have empty seats.*

*Restaurant Shabu-Shabu... I'm suspecting that this restaurant and Mizi Shabu-shabu actually are from the same company.*

This restaurant actually runs its business in buffet style. So, you just pay RM25+5% government tax = RM26 and you can eat all you can! So, no wonder there's sooooooooo many customer inside the restaurant. Some blogger even said that they have to queue up and wait for seats at weekend! Oh my gosh~ This is a terrifying customer flow. Does this means food that they provide are tasty too? Better check it out by myself.

*Peoples, all sitting with the kaiten belt in front... Kinda looks like factory*

*The tableware you need and ONE MORE THING - Their soy sauce is SUPERB!!! Kok Bun like it very very very much!*

Drinks are free flow and you can take whatever drinks, whatever foods, as many as you want but remember, wasting their food they'll charge you 100grams = RM10. So don't waste the food and eat what you take. Besides that, to those people who are like me, seldom cook at home, it's kinda confusing WHEN you can actually take the food inside the boiling pot in front of you and put it in your mouth... So I rather boil everything longer to assure that those that go inside my mouth are 100% COOKED! I don't want to get food poison again...

*My pot...I'm cooking ABC soup~ Haha*

*The STAR of the shop - Bacons*

Besides their raw materials for you to boil inside your pot, they also provide some fried foods for your appetite varieties. So if you're kinda boring with the pot of foods in front of you, you can actually have their fried dumplings, spring rolls etc... And the most delicious fried foods I've ever ate in this restaurant is THIS!!!!!!!

*Spring rolls and Yam fried rolls!!!! LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH!!!*

Shabu-shabu is a very clean and environment-friendly steamboat activity, you won't need to worry to share other's people saliva in the same big pot and get hepatitis A or B... And you won't feel hot too because of its electric heater, you can savour your meal inside air-conditioned surroundings and NO SWEATING like the time you eat normal steamboat. But there's something in the restaurant I feel quite uncomfortable with is the Kaiten belt. The kaiten belt which is located in front of you actually makes you dizzy, don't you think so? And I think it's quite funny have to always pay attention(which is one of the reason why you're dizzy too) to the kaiten belt to wait for your choice to come... LOL~

*Eat and take at the same time requires cooperation from the both side of the brain*

Overall it was a nice buffet and you can eat until your stomach burst also no one will bother. Haha... But the fullness makes me uncomfortable until 5a.m. in the MORNING!!! I couldn't eat anything more when I'm at McD watch the semi-final match between SPAIN(YEAH!!! They WON!!!) and Russia... What I had after the shabu-shabu are just hot chocolate at Feelings Cafe, sundae chocolate and few bites of McFlurry Oreos at McDonald's... It was a very FULL day. ^_^ I end up sleeping like a pig until 3pm the next day~ LOLsssss....

Friday, June 27, 2008


I'm that kind of person who is easily get bored, wanna jump out from the box, and willing to try new things to get satisfaction from adventure... And this kind of personality and attitude actually attracts some friends that are still stick with me and we're still very close friends...

But recently life starts to be boring and dull due to pregnancy... I'm not blaming all these to my unborn baby but things and people's attitude start to change when they know you're pregnant... No soft drinks, no sweets, no coffee or tea, no tidbits, no spicy foods, no goreng-goreng foods, no junk foods, no sleep late, no jump here jump there, no climb up and down... No this no that... Mostly the answer I get for my questions are 'NO!'.... What la~ =_=" How to survive under the situation like this?

Pregnant woman tends to get depression very easily, and it's very important to find something amusing in your life by your own. Alot of people don't care what is happening around them, they just know that as long as they're still living in this world, all they need to do is go to work to earn money(to survive), eat foods(to survive) and go to sleep(to regain energy to survive) when they get home... You call this life huh? How miserable...

And due to my observation... I found something quite amusing... (Maybe you'll think 'How normal is that' but to me this is fun! ^_^)

I found out that...
My husband actually looks like Bruce Lee... Muahahahaha~ (Haven't got his approval to post this photo... But never mind, he won't get to know because he didn't read my blog... Muahahahahaha!!!!!!)

*I am Lee... Bruce Lee!!! I photoshoped this photo to make it more HK style... But I guess I done it badly -_-""" I'm a noob in photoshop...*

And 2nd, I LOVE PHOTO STICKERS SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! If I'm rich, I will buy down the whole machine and print photo stickers everyday.... There's soooooooo many style I wanna try. Went to Sg Wang with Peiyue and Kok Cheong last saturday, we're actually a bunch of people who don't have things to do and went to Sg Wang just for some walk... So wu liao right? And the decision for taking photo stickers is the best decision we made because we end up using bout 1 HOUR standing at the machine there decorate our photos... LOL!!! Fun you can say~!!! ^_^

*The shop keeper say the orange coloured photo is so creatively decorated... LOL! Looking at them makes me put some smile on my face too~*

Then I went to Carrefour at Monday to buy some groceries. I can use up to 2 hours time to look around and buying stuffs... You know what I buy mostly? UHT Milk and UHT Soya Milk... I got tons of milks and soya milks inside the fridge now... Besides that, yoghurt drinks, yoghurts and Nutrigen are a 'MUST' for me too... LOL! I bet there's alot of Lactobacilius or whatever you call it inside my tummy...

*Yeah, milo kosong, teh kosong, roti kosong, and now there's Pepsi kosong... LOL!!! I wonder if I really go and order pepsi kosong at mamak stall will those mamaks understand?*

Saw this new product by Munchy's. (The same company as the chocolate wafer biscuit called Music - I LOVE THAT BISCUIT SOOOOO MUCH!!! And everytime I buy I buy it in hazelnut flavour) And since I got confident in this company, I think this new product's taste won't be so yucks right? And I bought the peanut and chocolate flavour... And you know what? I really laugh out when I saw what's inside...

*The new Munchy's MINI...*

*I honestly think they should call it Munchy's TINY! So tinyyyyyy*

LOL!!!!!!! This can be the recess time snack for primary students... Hahahahahaha~

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nuffnang Analytics

LOL... actually I'm having my supper now in the middle of the night... And my menu for supper is McD's Original Ayam Goreng 'Large' Set... Haha... Don't scold me for eating this kind of junk food in the middle of the night... It's a type of pregnancy woman's midnight cravings symptoms that will last for the whole pregnancy process... Hehe...

While I'm savouring my piece of chicken meat, I went to Nuffnang to check my blog's analytics... And I think for last month's analytics, I've achieved 400++ unique visits... Can someone tell me this is a very shameful amount, or just normal amount, or it's a good result? Haha.... I don't know how bloggers attract traffic to their blogs... I just know that leaving comments and blog hopping can be helpful. Is this the way to do so to attract traffic?

And I checked the keywords that people use to found my blog in Google or wherever... And you know what? The word 'Bangi Kopitiam' gets the 1st place in the keywords list!!! O_O My eyes are round and big!!! Seems like a lot of people want to know more about Bangi Kopitiam huh??? But it was such a normal kopitiam... Or I can say even worst than Old Town... But still curiosity kills the cat, people wanna try themselves only they can be sure that this kopitiam SUCKS!

Then there was some keywords like 'outdoor bridal shooting in KL', but mine was done at Ipoh, 'Henna design in Ipoh', but my henna was done at KL One Utama... LOL! And there's this 'Ghost Cinderella'... It was a Korean ghost movie that I watch last year... Or last last year, and I read through the post I wrote... I found out that my writings become different... I mean the style and my grammar or vocabulary usage... Changed! I'm not sure whether it's a good thing or bad thing, but I'm sure it was fun reading what you've write before... Refresh all the memories you have inside....

Human's brain is not a small container... Normal human can use up to only 2% of brain usage... And the 98% are just sleeping cells or whatever you wanna call it... People tend to forget what they've been through, happiness, sadness, miserables etc... Once you've close your eyes in the night, everything becomes a past, a past that you eventually may forget... Or I shouldn't say forget everything, but a whole large piece of memories will be erase, then, record the new memory called 'Present'...

Blogging really is an useful activity(At least to me IT IS!!!). I think today, at this moment, after I view the nuffnang analytics, I found what I almost lost or forget - Happiness!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

People who is POOR like Me

I just tried Jogoya not long ago right? That time making decision is the most difficult part for me actually... To GO, or NOT to go.... Paying the full amount at the reception counter was actually a pain in the heart, and eating food that I think not worth that amount is actually a pain in the ass...

Just right after Jogoya, I chatted with Peiyue alot about meals, foods and stuffs... And I found out like there's alot of things I wanna try... But the only main reason I couldn't is I'm not rich, trying these expensive restaurants makes my bank account's digit change to a lower digit... And that's not a wise move since my baby is coming out like... 2 more months? I wish I can save those money to raise the baby instead of feeding them into my mouth and come out from my a**hole the next day...

There's still plenty of places I wanna go... Such as...

*I wanna try their chocolate fondue~!!! Since I'm a chocolate addict I think I will appreciate this meal very very much!!! Heard they say this set cost RM55.90, and after 10% service charge and 5% tax, it's RM69.20... SOB SOB...*

*I heard my Korean friends say this steakhouse is very, very nice!*

*Victoria Station, don't go in unless you got RM300 cash with you...*

*Jogoya, ya ya I know I didn't really give very good comments about it, but I would like to go once more to eat all their desserts!*

Talked to Peiyue the other day... And suddenly one idea just come into my mind. I can create few funds to save money... So someday in the future, I'll get to eat what I want... Isn't this idea brilliant? Let's say like Jogoya, maybe RM90 is needed, so, I'll save RM10 per month(I think this is very very reasonable amount... Maybe can save more than RM10 a month if you really determine to do so) then after 9 months, you can go there and eat liao! Right?
So, sum up everything( Jogoya 9 months, Haagen Dazs 6 months, Outback Steakhouse maybe 10 months or more, Victoria Station 30 months....), I guess I need few years to complete and finish all my targets... LOL! A long long way to go...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I've been attacked!!!


I'm one of the forum user at the chinese Cari forum. Alot of Malaysians use that forum I know... But I don't know people inside can actually talk something like.... so rude and unmorality!!! And that very person, is a 80++ years old internal medicine experienced doctor some more!!!(People say he is a doctor la, but who else know? Maybe he's an ahpek who likes to pick his nose while replying in the forum) I was like what the heck is going on?

If you would like to know what's the whole story, you can actually go to here and here to see it!(But it's in chinese.... so... sorry to english readers ya~)

Ok... maybe, I mean just maybe, I sounds like an amateur about medical screening to this doctor.(Yeah~ since he's 80++, it's impossible to be more experienced than him right? Unless i"m 90++ years old ah ma, then it would be different...) But I think I'm just "SHARING" my opinions and what I know about medical check up in the forum! Since it's the medical section, so it's ok I for me to share what I know right?

But this 80++ internal medi doctor ahpek just won't let me go! He even check my forum usage history (which is visible to every user in the forum) and found out THE INCIDENT(about my pregnant before marriage) and uses THAT INCIDENT to insult and literally attack me... What's really wrong with this ahpek's brain??? Can somebody just cut off his head and see what's inside? Is it worm? Or actually nothing inside?

I was just speaking out my opinion ok? Truly from my heart... Does that sounds wrong to you??? Why you think it's wrong? Nobody's opinion is TOTALLY WRONG ok? It only depends that whether you accept it or not, and it is TOTALLY FINE that you don't accept someone's perspective, but please don't insult people! They got their own rights and feelings too. Even though you lived 80++ years, and so experiencED, that also doesn't mean that you know EVERYTHING that is happening in this world by this time, this second!!!

People who live longer tend to become like "Yeah, I'm older than you, I know more than you, what I know is TOTALLY RIGHT, whatever issue also as long as you're talking back to me that means YOU'RE WRONG! I eat salt more than you eat rice, what the hell you really know about this world actually?" This kind of attitudes really makes me SOOOOOOOOOOOOO PISSED OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOW I TELL YOU!!!! 1st, live longer doesn't mean you're right in WHATEVER issue and your experience is actually YOUR EXPERIENCE! You teach people base on YOUR experience... But you must know, everyone is different, they might go different way, see different things, know something different than what you know, so, in this case, your experience doesn't proof you're 100% RIGHT! 2nd, the world really is moving by this time this second... There are many nice and miraculous things happening too, If I know there's some good and useful information, base on HUMANITY, I wanna share it with you, does this MAKES ME WRONG? YOU LIVE LONGER DOESN'T MEAN YOU WILL ALWAYS GET THE 1st HAND INFORMATION ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD!!! YOU GET IT?????

I felt really upset.... Honestly, especially when he uses THAT issue to attack me, I really felt that this kind of people doesn't deserve to become a doctor, he don't have the morality.... But everything is ok now... Since I'm not going to post anything more in the medical section, I guess everything will be cool down... But it really affects my mood you know? Aiks... I think I know how does it feel when celebrities saw their negative report on the newspaper...

Everything's going to be fine...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Guilty Meal Feast @ Jogoya, Starhill

I went to Jogoya with a very guilty feeling actually, because I was suppose to stay at home and celebrate my mum's birthday (Ok la, no celebration but at least I should stay at home and accompany her, right?) But instead of staying at home, I went out with Kok Bun and we went to Jogoya... Aiks, what a bad daughter I am...

And this issue actually affect my mood a bit at the begining when we're on our way there... And cause some small argument between me and him... It's a bad start and our mood were spoilt. Yikes... Not a very good day to have buffet... But soon, after apologizes, there we come - Jogoya!

We went for the supper session(from 9:30pm - 1am) because it's more cheap than dinner session... We reached Starhill at 9:25pm, 5 more minutes only starts the supper session, so gotta sit at outside's benches and wait a while...

*The Japanese Lantern*

With all our heart, the time has arrive and it's time to go in!!! First, we need to confirm how many person, then pay at the reception area first, then at the main door there's a waiter/waitress will lead you to your table...

At first when we go inside, the interior design was so nice... small fountains, live marine sea creatures inside aquariums, and the whole restaurant was built in a very large space... It'll took you 5 minutes just to walk all areas, you can see how big it is huh...

*Pathways, to function rooms and so on... Japanese style*

*These are called Geoduck... In my mind, the word 'Geoduck' sounds like pocket monster from Pokemon... I wonder how this geoduck taste like....*

*Quite pity these fishes, not knowing when they're going to die...*

*Live Lobsterssss*

*The tableware seems like welcoming us huh?*

*Sections for group of 8*

*This is where we're being seated*

When we're seated, the first thing that flash inside my mind was I'm so blur... What I'm going to do next??? LOL!!!! I even wanna sit at the table and take turn with Kok Bun to take foods... LOL!!! Actually you can just leave your things at the table and no one will even bother... First, we went to see what they have...

*Grill Section*

*Sushi Bar and Japanese Foods*

*Chinese cuisine section, the fish head is larger than how it looks like in the photo!!!*

They have alot of sections... And different sections means different method of cooking too... Got grill la, steam la, BBQ la, fried a.k.a Teppanyaki la... And also don't forget the beverages section and desserts section... Alot of pathways and things to see and decide when you're walking around.

They have their special method of ordering too. First, you'll see there's clips at your table which look like this:

And if you wanna eat their seafoods or fishes, you'll just have to put your clip into a bowl in front of the fishes you want and after the chef cook it, they'll have it send to you directly to your table. But not every dishes also need people to send la, there's something you can take yourself such as sushi, salad, drinks, soups...

*Just put your clip into the white bowl in front of your choice*

So, here's what we had:

*Appetizers... Got Kimchi*

*Very geli de sauna egg a.k.a COLD half boil egg and wasabit tofu*

*Very crispy and yummy tempura with their hot tempura sauce*

*Chawan Mushi!!! So nice~~~~~*Scream!!!!*

*Japanese foods... The sushi rolls got plastic foils outside folded! Beware!! Kok Bun swallow it directly because he thinks so elastic must be squid or something.... LOL!!!!!*

*Teppanyaki cod fish.... very smelly~*

*Chinese cuisine cod fish.... Very salty ar~!!!!*

*The potato soup and garlic bread recommended by Peiyue*

*Steam dim sum by yourself, inside got prawns, cod fish fillet and big fat clam*

We actually eat more food than what shows in those pictures... They really have alot of varieties to choose from. BUT!!!! It doesn't mean each of their foods are as delicious as it looks like or like what you heard from other people... I actually do got a bit feeling disappointed after tried their foods... Maybe I have too high expectations or people do over promote Jogoya, but anyway, not really as tasty like what I think it's like...

After non-stop feeding foods into my tummy, it's time for some rest and I took a visit to the restroom... And the restroom, honestly, looks nicer than Starhill Gallery's one. At least it's well decorated and there's a person standing there to serve you with tissues... LOL! Guys, here's how the Ladies restroom looks like:

*Roses inside the hand basin... LOL!*

*Make up desk*

Luckily when I'm taking photos the person standing inside the toilet went out to take tissues... Then I fast fast grab the chance and took photos. LOL! Kok Bun say what kind of crazy people will appreciate a toilet and take so many pictures some more... Haha~ But tell you what, I really like to pay visits to toilets of shopping malls or restaurants because don't know why I think somehow there's some hidden soul of the shopping malls/restaurants inside their toilet! No no, I'm not talking about ghosts soul's soul, I'm talking about those SOUL, like what you can discover within a person's soul's soul! If you think a shopping mall is awesome, their toilet can show it all... Don't you think so? No? Ok then... Each people have different opinions though...

Ok ok.... stop the nonsense, it's camwhoring time... Very long long time didn't camwhoring...

*Don't you think he looks cute???? ^o^*

After feed all those main courses into our stomach, it's time for desserts!!! Yay~ My FAVOURITE~!!! There's sooooooooooooooo many choices of mochis, cookies, cakes, puddings, ice-creams, fruits.... Wow... You just couldn't really fit everything into your pity stomach that is already 80% full, too bad right?

*Ice creams from Haagen Dazs - Cream Dream, Rums & Raisins, Green Tea and Manggo... All flavours really taste so 100% like what it is!*

*Upper row is Opera cake, Chocolate Mint, The middle one which looks like chocolate actually is a strawberry mochi, and the bottom 2 is red bean mochi and honey dew mochi!!*

*One of their famous dessert - Tiramisu!*

*Lol... Pink Guava juice... Taste like 100% all juices taken from a real pink guava fruit*

After all the appetizers, sushis, fishes, dim sums, prawns, bbq stuffs, tempuras, salads, soups, and finally desserts do the closing for the stomach factory, you'll be 100% full you don't even wanna drink a drop of water! 12am, the staffs inside Jogoya start to clean up their responsible sections and we're leaving too~

It's truly a unique buffet experience I can say, but not the tastiest however... Some foods were nice some were not, but anyway, this experience will linger inside my mind for some time...

*Nobody at all... scary...*

*Starhill - still beautiful even though it's late*

*Night view of Lot 10*

Just in case you guys need any information about Jogoya, here's some details:

T3, Relish floor, Starhill Gallery, 181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Reservation hotline: +603-21421268

Price: Buffet Lunch RM78.00++, Buffet Late Lunch RM68.00++, Buffet Dinner RM88.00++, Buffet Supper RM78.00++ (All prices are subject to 10% service charge and 5% government charge.)

For those who knows how to read chinese, maybe you can go to their website for more information.