Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Everything about my 21st Birthday~

As what I wrote on the last post, I actually have 2 cakes for this year's birthday... Yeah, everybody knows I LOVE CAKES, and so they bought me CAKES!! Both also got chocolate, one is Chocolate Cheese and another one is AMERICAN CHOCOLATE~!! My all-time-favourite!

Me, Peiyue, Kok Cheong and Pn. Chew from Setapak High School actually celebrated my birthday one day before because sooooooooo coincidentally Peiyue's bf also born on the same day like mine! So she can't accompany me on the very day...

The plan was meet at Cannes Tea House at 11am... I woke up at 10:10am, couldn't really open my eyes, everything was prepared in blurry case including my make up for that day, and then I reach Cannes at 11:30am thanks to the 'HELP' of my brother which come late to pick me up because he wanna pick his gf at Kepong 1st... What a NICE bro I have....

The 1st thing came into my mind was : I'm doomed, let teacher wait for half an hour long, what kind of people I am???? I think I should really change my habit, don't everything also drag until last minute, last minute wake up, last minute change clothes, last minute find this and that, last minute say wanna change shoes bla bla bla... I'm so sinful to let teacher wait for me.... And you know what, I open the restaurant's door with a bright smile and there's not even one customer inside.... Look left & right, I'm THE ONLY ONE!!!! What the.... =_=" All my sinful feelings just gone like a wind....

And until 11:45am, Peiyue and Kok Cheong reached... They say teacher is on her way coming wor, traffic jam wor... LOL! Government just announce fuel price raise yesterday and still, traffic will jam... Hmm... People still don't want carpool ma? Whatever, I'm glad I'm the 1st one to reach because this NEVER HAPPEN before... Haha...

After we had our brunch, and chat, teacher finally reach at 1pm... LOL! Seems like traffic really very jam... And then after she finish her meal, it's time for dessert a.k.a my cake~!!! LOL!

*Chocolate Cheese cake, which I'm still eating until today~*

*Pn. Chew, she never teach me before, but really take care of me, One Good Teacher!!*


*Kok Cheong, who actually knows how to speak French now!! LOL*

After the celebration, me and Kok Bun go to LRT by Peiyue's car because she's going that direction too~ (Thanks Peiyue~!! ^_^) and then we took LRT to Kelana Jaya. We're going to One Utama... And here starts my long, lonely, boring afternoon~ V_V

Kok Bun went to his office which is located beside One U and attend some training for the whole day, and without any place I wanna go, I spend my 2 hours time at Starbucks, pampering myself with a Cold, Nice, Rich in Chocolatey Flavour CHOCOLATE CREAM~!!! Venti in size some more... So nice, wish I can have it now... I don't know is it the weather TOO HOT, sitting inside Starbucks actually made me sweat a bit... I can't even feel a bit of air-cond cool.... How come? I thought this shopping mall should be very prestigious one? Can't even tune the air-cond become cooler ar?

*I'm the only one who's using paper to write inside Starbucks, others use Laptop*

After some drink and free-writing, I decided to leave that boring place which everyone seems very rich and wealthy come in with big and small shopping bags and sit down and open the laptop online surfing. I WANT A LAPTOP TO SURF INTERNET too... Someone please give me one for my birthday present please???????

After some walk, I went to the ground floor hall which there's a Go!Green! environment protection event sponsors by alot of people and companies... And there's a stall which draw Henna, I'm likely to have one!!! I actually dream to have one tatoo on my 21st birthday, but I guess this won't happen anyway so I'll make one fake tatoo instead! After choosing the design, I wait for my turn...

*Tools they use for henna drawing, except markers!!!*

Henna drawing actually requires alot of skills, hands can't be shakey, must good in calculating degrees and balancing of the design on people's body, and must be very neat and tidy too... People as messy as me can't really become a henna artist.... Hehe... And after some 10 - 20 minutes drawing time, this is the result:

Apparently, my henna tatoo doesn't look straight.... The whole design actually is more to the left side... Haihz... Miscalculation on the center balancing huh that girl... Aiks, however, I'm still quite happy for it... It's my consolation for myself!

Then, I actually sit for another 2 hours at The Living Room... A very comfortable rest area for guests who shop till their leg pain, or for men who accompany their wife, gf, or mother to shopping to have a comfy place to sit and rest. There's a guy who play piano for some music pleasure... It's a very nice and warm design by One Utama to create such place for people to rest. Especially people like me, who don't wanna spend money on buying drinks just for a seat to rest, I just love their comfortable sofas...

I had McDonald's Happy Meal for dinner that day... Saw some malay guys selling perfume to malays around me.... Then I went to walk around again, and went into a shop called Mini Toons. Inside have alot of cute cute fluffy toys and stuffs for girls... And their price actually reasonable too... So, I bought 2 things:

*Bunny coin purse~*

And another one is a rainbow coloured handphone strip which I'm using on my phone now and couldn't really take a decent picture of it. And went to another shop and bought some rhinestone and glue... My phone now actually *blings* with all those rhinestones on it... LOL!

And finally, around 10pm, I got phone calls from Mr. Oh telling me we're going home. Thank god! My leg starts to cramp, and I'm totally exhausted and no energy to walk around... And the journey back home actually makes me wanna go insane... Bus come very late, LRT alot of people, alot of people took taxi go home... I reach home by 12am! And just right on time, Titiwangsa put on a fireworks show~ Yeah, I know, for celebrating my birthday ma... Haha!

*Whose birthday actually got fireworks see huh? Lucky me!*

And surprisingly, Kok Bun show up in the room with a cake!!! LOL!!! And he sung birthday song too... Haha~ *touching touching* Didn't know he actually bought a cake, ask my brother to send it back home that morning and hide inside the fridge... LOL! And we both took pictures~


*He say he looks like Indian guy wor... So don't want show face! LOL!*

*Cake cutting!!!!*

Both of us ate one piece of cake... and then it's time for presents!!!!!!!! Kok Bun actually sacrifice his dinner time to buy me presents... He didn't have time to have dinner after that... Poor thingy~ *sobs sobs* He bought this for me~

Kok Bun went to this Mini Toons store when I was having my dinner at McD... Then he ask the shopkeeper, what animal is this thing... How come it looks like bunny but the back looks like turtle... LOL! The shopkeeper say it's a bunny... It can become a cushion, a plushie toy for you to hold to sleep... Can put into washing machine wash too!! (The shopkeeper told me the same thing when I bought the bunny coin purse :This one can wash one, can put into the washing machine wash one... LOL!!!!) I told him I want a sitting cushion because sit on the floor makes me hard to get up and stand, so he bought me this bunny turtle thingy for me to put on the floor and sit... Owh~ How could I torture such a cute thingy and sit one it? I think he have to buy me another cushion instead... LOLsss

And here's a list of presents and thank-yous I wanna tell:
-Pn. Chew's Snoopy baby clothes (Specially post from England one), baby Lotion and Stretch marks lotions
-Peiyue & Kok Cheong's postnatal books by PeiLing
-Gold key with the number '21' on it by my mum

-Ang Pao from my dad
-Ang Pao from Kevin's mum
-Maternity clothes by my bro and his gf
-the cute bunny turtle cushion by my dear~

On my birthday that day, we actually celebrated at Chui Lok Restaurant... Nice family dinner... Kevin and his mum come also... LOL~ These are pictures of dishes...

*3 Taste Fish~ Geng leh?*

P.S: The Mini Toons toys and accessories shop have a website! click here!

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