Saturday, June 7, 2008


MUAHAHAHAHA... Finally I'm 21 years old... Don't know why, feels like I'm kinda excited today compare to all those 20 birthday I've had... LOL!

By the way, got 2 cakes for my birthday this year, both also bought at Sweetie at Jln Genting Klang, LOL! (Yer, no secret recipe meh???) I like Sweetie's American Chocolate! Their chocolate is soooooooooooo rich!! Wow, and I tasted their Chocolate Cheese too... Kinda nice~ Now the cake still at Peiyue's house... LOL!! XD

Thanks to everyone that send me wishes and greetings... Feel very warm to receive your wishes no matter at Friendsters, by sms or really celebrate with me!! Thanks alot~!!

Later 7pm will be having a family dinner at Chui Lok Restaurant at Sri Rampai... LOL! I think this will be the 1st time I celebrate my birthday with my family since I'm 13 years old and be able to hang out with friends... Almost every year also celebrate with friends... So this special 21st birthday I shall dedicate to my family... My mum very hard deliver me out to this world one ok?

Again, thanks for everything, everyone, and thanks for reading this post too! ^_^
Have a nice day~!

P.S: I actually share my birthday with the King of Malaysia, today is public holiday too~!!! Hehe~
P.S2: Yesterday got Fireworks Show at Titiwangsa eh~ Got anyone saw it? Are those fireworks dedicate to me?? LOL!!! XDXDXDXDXD

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