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Guilty Meal Feast @ Jogoya, Starhill

I went to Jogoya with a very guilty feeling actually, because I was suppose to stay at home and celebrate my mum's birthday (Ok la, no celebration but at least I should stay at home and accompany her, right?) But instead of staying at home, I went out with Kok Bun and we went to Jogoya... Aiks, what a bad daughter I am...

And this issue actually affect my mood a bit at the begining when we're on our way there... And cause some small argument between me and him... It's a bad start and our mood were spoilt. Yikes... Not a very good day to have buffet... But soon, after apologizes, there we come - Jogoya!

We went for the supper session(from 9:30pm - 1am) because it's more cheap than dinner session... We reached Starhill at 9:25pm, 5 more minutes only starts the supper session, so gotta sit at outside's benches and wait a while...

*The Japanese Lantern*

With all our heart, the time has arrive and it's time to go in!!! First, we need to confirm how many person, then pay at the reception area first, then at the main door there's a waiter/waitress will lead you to your table...

At first when we go inside, the interior design was so nice... small fountains, live marine sea creatures inside aquariums, and the whole restaurant was built in a very large space... It'll took you 5 minutes just to walk all areas, you can see how big it is huh...

*Pathways, to function rooms and so on... Japanese style*

*These are called Geoduck... In my mind, the word 'Geoduck' sounds like pocket monster from Pokemon... I wonder how this geoduck taste like....*

*Quite pity these fishes, not knowing when they're going to die...*

*Live Lobsterssss*

*The tableware seems like welcoming us huh?*

*Sections for group of 8*

*This is where we're being seated*

When we're seated, the first thing that flash inside my mind was I'm so blur... What I'm going to do next??? LOL!!!! I even wanna sit at the table and take turn with Kok Bun to take foods... LOL!!! Actually you can just leave your things at the table and no one will even bother... First, we went to see what they have...

*Grill Section*

*Sushi Bar and Japanese Foods*

*Chinese cuisine section, the fish head is larger than how it looks like in the photo!!!*

They have alot of sections... And different sections means different method of cooking too... Got grill la, steam la, BBQ la, fried a.k.a Teppanyaki la... And also don't forget the beverages section and desserts section... Alot of pathways and things to see and decide when you're walking around.

They have their special method of ordering too. First, you'll see there's clips at your table which look like this:

And if you wanna eat their seafoods or fishes, you'll just have to put your clip into a bowl in front of the fishes you want and after the chef cook it, they'll have it send to you directly to your table. But not every dishes also need people to send la, there's something you can take yourself such as sushi, salad, drinks, soups...

*Just put your clip into the white bowl in front of your choice*

So, here's what we had:

*Appetizers... Got Kimchi*

*Very geli de sauna egg a.k.a COLD half boil egg and wasabit tofu*

*Very crispy and yummy tempura with their hot tempura sauce*

*Chawan Mushi!!! So nice~~~~~*Scream!!!!*

*Japanese foods... The sushi rolls got plastic foils outside folded! Beware!! Kok Bun swallow it directly because he thinks so elastic must be squid or something.... LOL!!!!!*

*Teppanyaki cod fish.... very smelly~*

*Chinese cuisine cod fish.... Very salty ar~!!!!*

*The potato soup and garlic bread recommended by Peiyue*

*Steam dim sum by yourself, inside got prawns, cod fish fillet and big fat clam*

We actually eat more food than what shows in those pictures... They really have alot of varieties to choose from. BUT!!!! It doesn't mean each of their foods are as delicious as it looks like or like what you heard from other people... I actually do got a bit feeling disappointed after tried their foods... Maybe I have too high expectations or people do over promote Jogoya, but anyway, not really as tasty like what I think it's like...

After non-stop feeding foods into my tummy, it's time for some rest and I took a visit to the restroom... And the restroom, honestly, looks nicer than Starhill Gallery's one. At least it's well decorated and there's a person standing there to serve you with tissues... LOL! Guys, here's how the Ladies restroom looks like:

*Roses inside the hand basin... LOL!*

*Make up desk*

Luckily when I'm taking photos the person standing inside the toilet went out to take tissues... Then I fast fast grab the chance and took photos. LOL! Kok Bun say what kind of crazy people will appreciate a toilet and take so many pictures some more... Haha~ But tell you what, I really like to pay visits to toilets of shopping malls or restaurants because don't know why I think somehow there's some hidden soul of the shopping malls/restaurants inside their toilet! No no, I'm not talking about ghosts soul's soul, I'm talking about those SOUL, like what you can discover within a person's soul's soul! If you think a shopping mall is awesome, their toilet can show it all... Don't you think so? No? Ok then... Each people have different opinions though...

Ok ok.... stop the nonsense, it's camwhoring time... Very long long time didn't camwhoring...

*Don't you think he looks cute???? ^o^*

After feed all those main courses into our stomach, it's time for desserts!!! Yay~ My FAVOURITE~!!! There's sooooooooooooooo many choices of mochis, cookies, cakes, puddings, ice-creams, fruits.... Wow... You just couldn't really fit everything into your pity stomach that is already 80% full, too bad right?

*Ice creams from Haagen Dazs - Cream Dream, Rums & Raisins, Green Tea and Manggo... All flavours really taste so 100% like what it is!*

*Upper row is Opera cake, Chocolate Mint, The middle one which looks like chocolate actually is a strawberry mochi, and the bottom 2 is red bean mochi and honey dew mochi!!*

*One of their famous dessert - Tiramisu!*

*Lol... Pink Guava juice... Taste like 100% all juices taken from a real pink guava fruit*

After all the appetizers, sushis, fishes, dim sums, prawns, bbq stuffs, tempuras, salads, soups, and finally desserts do the closing for the stomach factory, you'll be 100% full you don't even wanna drink a drop of water! 12am, the staffs inside Jogoya start to clean up their responsible sections and we're leaving too~

It's truly a unique buffet experience I can say, but not the tastiest however... Some foods were nice some were not, but anyway, this experience will linger inside my mind for some time...

*Nobody at all... scary...*

*Starhill - still beautiful even though it's late*

*Night view of Lot 10*

Just in case you guys need any information about Jogoya, here's some details:

T3, Relish floor, Starhill Gallery, 181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Reservation hotline: +603-21421268

Price: Buffet Lunch RM78.00++, Buffet Late Lunch RM68.00++, Buffet Dinner RM88.00++, Buffet Supper RM78.00++ (All prices are subject to 10% service charge and 5% government charge.)

For those who knows how to read chinese, maybe you can go to their website for more information.

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