Saturday, June 21, 2008

I've been attacked!!!


I'm one of the forum user at the chinese Cari forum. Alot of Malaysians use that forum I know... But I don't know people inside can actually talk something like.... so rude and unmorality!!! And that very person, is a 80++ years old internal medicine experienced doctor some more!!!(People say he is a doctor la, but who else know? Maybe he's an ahpek who likes to pick his nose while replying in the forum) I was like what the heck is going on?

If you would like to know what's the whole story, you can actually go to here and here to see it!(But it's in chinese.... so... sorry to english readers ya~)

Ok... maybe, I mean just maybe, I sounds like an amateur about medical screening to this doctor.(Yeah~ since he's 80++, it's impossible to be more experienced than him right? Unless i"m 90++ years old ah ma, then it would be different...) But I think I'm just "SHARING" my opinions and what I know about medical check up in the forum! Since it's the medical section, so it's ok I for me to share what I know right?

But this 80++ internal medi doctor ahpek just won't let me go! He even check my forum usage history (which is visible to every user in the forum) and found out THE INCIDENT(about my pregnant before marriage) and uses THAT INCIDENT to insult and literally attack me... What's really wrong with this ahpek's brain??? Can somebody just cut off his head and see what's inside? Is it worm? Or actually nothing inside?

I was just speaking out my opinion ok? Truly from my heart... Does that sounds wrong to you??? Why you think it's wrong? Nobody's opinion is TOTALLY WRONG ok? It only depends that whether you accept it or not, and it is TOTALLY FINE that you don't accept someone's perspective, but please don't insult people! They got their own rights and feelings too. Even though you lived 80++ years, and so experiencED, that also doesn't mean that you know EVERYTHING that is happening in this world by this time, this second!!!

People who live longer tend to become like "Yeah, I'm older than you, I know more than you, what I know is TOTALLY RIGHT, whatever issue also as long as you're talking back to me that means YOU'RE WRONG! I eat salt more than you eat rice, what the hell you really know about this world actually?" This kind of attitudes really makes me SOOOOOOOOOOOOO PISSED OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOW I TELL YOU!!!! 1st, live longer doesn't mean you're right in WHATEVER issue and your experience is actually YOUR EXPERIENCE! You teach people base on YOUR experience... But you must know, everyone is different, they might go different way, see different things, know something different than what you know, so, in this case, your experience doesn't proof you're 100% RIGHT! 2nd, the world really is moving by this time this second... There are many nice and miraculous things happening too, If I know there's some good and useful information, base on HUMANITY, I wanna share it with you, does this MAKES ME WRONG? YOU LIVE LONGER DOESN'T MEAN YOU WILL ALWAYS GET THE 1st HAND INFORMATION ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD!!! YOU GET IT?????

I felt really upset.... Honestly, especially when he uses THAT issue to attack me, I really felt that this kind of people doesn't deserve to become a doctor, he don't have the morality.... But everything is ok now... Since I'm not going to post anything more in the medical section, I guess everything will be cool down... But it really affects my mood you know? Aiks... I think I know how does it feel when celebrities saw their negative report on the newspaper...

Everything's going to be fine...


Sasha said...

80 years old Medical Doctor?? Girl, doesn't it sound fishy to you??? An 80 year old man should be sitting at home picking scabs from his toes! I think that's an impostor. However, I am just guessing as I could not read Chinese (i am Chinese illiterate) so, visiting the forum would not benefit me anyway. Can you please, ask him, what era is he in now? So what if you got pregnant before marriage? Accidents happen. So? Big deal??!! Tell him to stop making a big fuss over it, and just stay at home, continue on with his game chinese checkers. He's no longer in 'our generation'. Tell him he's 8 decades behind! Geeeezz.. and to stop fussing over small matters like those.

Hmmm.. you know what? I think the best is just ignore all his slandering. Do not even reply to any of his messages or comments. He'll get bored of it soon. 'EIGHTY years old' ah peks have no life. You have to excuse him. HAHA!


Sasha said...

*clears throat*

By the way

Living longer doesn't mean he's more experienced. Tell him he's fucking outdated! HAHAHAHAHA!!

babyfiona said...

just ignored such person. No worth ur time to debate with him