Monday, June 30, 2008


The fever is heating up to its peak and it's going to end soon - by 30th of June 2008, there'll be the final match of Euro 2008 between Germany and SPAIN!!!
*Euro 2008! Held at Austria & Switzerland*

That means it's TODAY!!! Wow... I've been supporting Spain for winning for this whole Euro cup thingy and everything will be decided tonight! Isn't this thrilling and exciting?

I didn't watch EVERY match of the Euro cup, but I do read news and match analysis... So I know roughly what is happening during the whole championship thingy.

Don't know why, I got a little bit of obsession to football while other girls are obsessed with shopping. Maybe I got some influence from my dad who watch football matches since I was small and innocent...(and yeah~ my dad is a Liverpool fans!) Although sometimes those players didn't really heat up the match with good football skills and make the match looks a bit boring and dull, but I still manage to finish the whole match without any complaining...

But sometimes I get a little bit confused what's the players name because they look tiny inside the TV, and when the referee blows his whistle. I couldn't really understand thoroughly which kind of fault is suppose to be allow and which is not... But I know I hated some referees which give bias decision and didn't treat the 2 teams equally... It's very obvious!!! Every audience can see it by their eyes!!!

But I guess the referee kinda scare to do it tooooo obviously because I've heard Kok Bun said that some referee are like suddenly disappear from the earth... Their existance are unknown... Rumour say they're killed by fans, some say they moved and stay inside the woods... LOL!


*Fernando Torres and David Villa... Too bad David Villa's thigh muscle hurt and couldn't attend the final match... But he's one of the player of Spain too, he will share the honour just like other Spain players too!*

Anyway, I would like to dedicate this post to SPAIN!!! And wish that today will be their day to lift up the trophy and people will talk about them in the coming four years! It is an honour to win in this kind of international football match...

I will watch the match again at McD Jln Pahang... I just LOVE their newly construct smoking area... They really make the whole McD become nice and enjoyable! No, not that I will sit inside the smoking area and watch the football match for 2 hours+(I'm not that crazy to become a 2nd hand smoker while I am WHAT I am now), I will sit at the non-smoking area with cozy cushioned seat and watch the match. Hehe.

*Yeah~!!! This is the Jln Pahang McDonald's outlet I was talking about~ Big and Nice!!!*

*Smokers inside the smoking area watching the match, sometimes I feel like I'm watching them inside an aquarium! LOL!!!*

*I HEART BIG BREAKFAST SET!!! My only choice when it comes to McDonald's breakfast varities*

I don't know what I will eat tonight, but I know that after this whole thingy ends, it's time for me to rest enough and have to start to prepare evrything for my precious little baby to come out... Hehe~!!!


Pedro Morgado said...

Nice victory over Germany ;) Viva EspaƱa!!!

aileng miao said...

hehe i was at mcdong dong watching one of the semi final match too. didnt noe tat watching football match at mc dong dong can b so tat HAPPENING!!