Friday, June 13, 2008

Paddington House of Pancakes (PHOP)

The last time I ever eat pancakes is when the time I went to Hana's house to stay over for SPM study!! LOL!! For almost *counting* FOUR YEARS I never had one small slice of pancakes!!! Wow... I wonder how I control my lust for it...

Last month, when me and Kok Bun went to Ikea sooooooooo often that time, I made a very heavy decision - Try this pancake restaurant called Paddington House of Pancakes @ PHOP for short... (Why it's a heavy decision? Because from the outlook of the restaurant, tells me that pancakes inside cost alot...)

*Very nice and comfy place for fellas to hang out*

*Aunty staring at me when I took photos... =_="*

I actually walk pass this restaurant for many times, I noticed it was a pancake restaurant too... But I don't dare to try it because I scare I will end up washing dishes in their kitchen... But that day, Kok Bun insist we try something different than those we usually eat such as McD, KFC... Then I say how about pancakes? Then start this journey of pancakes...


Walking into the restaurant need courage! When you know things inside cost quite expensive... Then after the waiter lead us to our seats, he passed us 2 big books of menu! Very big and heavy menus I can say... And it can took your 1/2 an hour time to read it thoroughly if you insist to. They say they have 138 different kinds of pancakes in the house, too bad there's only ONE choice you can make! Haha... Yeah~ Too bad...

After searching through the whole menu, I just knew that there's alot of pancakes flavour and alot of serving types... And there's some main course made by pancakes too... means salty flavour pancakes, not those pancakes we usually have are sweet one... Different region actually eat different kind of pancakes too... Hmm.. And what I choose is recommended by chef, I forgot it's name but it has bananas, vanilla rasberry flavour ice cream, honey comb maple syrup and a piece of chocolate... And after some time waiting, here comes my pancake!!! ^o^

*My Pancake!!! RM13.90*

*Peach Tea!! Very rich peachy flavour! RM6 or 7 per glass*

Even though there's only 3 stack of pancakes, but don't look down on it.... It can make you very full! All those syrup, chocolate and ice cream make a very tasty combination of taste that serves the pancake right!! For each time I put the pancake into my mouth, I felt that I'm happier than the second before!!! Haha... Yeah I know it's very exaggerating but it's true that people will feel happiness when they eat sweet things... Hehe!

Nice place they have, and seems like alot of aunties like to hang out at the pancake restaurant too... Saw alot of aunties inside chit-chatting... Wish next time when I'm older and become the age of aunties I still manage to chit-chatting with SEISYUN and friends at this kind of elegant, comfy restaurant~!!!

P.S: This restaurant located at 1st floor(beside Kopitiam) of The Street @ Mutiara Damansara.

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