Saturday, June 28, 2008

Restaurant Shabu-Shabu, Puchong

Thursday was a busy day for me... Because I think I'm non-stop eating. From the 1st minute I awake until I fall asleep, I can feel my stomach very full and everything is like stacking up inside.

At the afternoon, before Peiyue come to my house, we went to the 烧腊 stall( a hawker stalls sells grill chicken, duck and pork meat rice) just outside my house to have our lunch. That stall's owner actually is a cook inside some famous restaurants or hotels, but I guess he knows with his skills he can earn more by opening a stall by himself so he decided to quit his job... And still he wears his chef's uniform when selling rice... But the price is not normal, expensive a bit compare to outside stalls...

After the lunch, we went to Public Bank a while cos Peiyue wanna take her car's new road tax, then she come to my house to stick *bling bling* stones to her Sony Ericsson Z610i. Now her phone is much more *BLINGER* than mine... Haha~

Then out of the sudden, Kok Bun ask: Tonight's dinner wanna eat shabu-shabu??? I was like "HUH???? How come so sudden wanna eat this kind of things???" Then you know what's his explanation? Did you guys watch the new TVB Drama called '法证先峰' (Forensic Heroes)? Inside got one scene is the policeman who thought he got AIDS finally know how to savour the dishes and enjoy life... And the dishes he ate with the his forensic medicine girl friend is high class japanese beef slices... And the beef slices they ate makes Kok Bun thought of the beef slices we had at the Mizi shabu-shabu restaurant... If you can't imagine how it's look like, then you can refer here.

And the outgoing Peiyue wanna try shabu-shabu too because beside the normal kind of steamboat and paper steamboat, she haven't try shabu-shabu yet, so she go home first, ask Anthony along and then the plan is ON!

The journey to Puchong is not a short one from Setapak. Honestly I think I can reach KLIA and Puchong at the same time if I take the new KLIA-Putrajaya route.... Although Puchong have alot of nice restaurants and tasty foods, its journey really scare me off. After 1 hour of driving, finally we reach there safe and sound...

This restaurant's location is just beside the Bandar Puteri's Giant, and same row with Citibank, a very obvious route sign which you can see it's located at your left side right after you turn into the junction of Bandar Puteri. But finding car park may be a very suffering task because there's A LOT of PEOPLE go to shopping and having their meals there, A LOT of CARS too... Gotta be lucky if you wish to park nearer to the shops.

*The main door of Restaurant Shabu-Shabu*

*There are peoplessss inside the restaurant, so we have to go to the 1st floor only have empty seats.*

*Restaurant Shabu-Shabu... I'm suspecting that this restaurant and Mizi Shabu-shabu actually are from the same company.*

This restaurant actually runs its business in buffet style. So, you just pay RM25+5% government tax = RM26 and you can eat all you can! So, no wonder there's sooooooooo many customer inside the restaurant. Some blogger even said that they have to queue up and wait for seats at weekend! Oh my gosh~ This is a terrifying customer flow. Does this means food that they provide are tasty too? Better check it out by myself.

*Peoples, all sitting with the kaiten belt in front... Kinda looks like factory*

*The tableware you need and ONE MORE THING - Their soy sauce is SUPERB!!! Kok Bun like it very very very much!*

Drinks are free flow and you can take whatever drinks, whatever foods, as many as you want but remember, wasting their food they'll charge you 100grams = RM10. So don't waste the food and eat what you take. Besides that, to those people who are like me, seldom cook at home, it's kinda confusing WHEN you can actually take the food inside the boiling pot in front of you and put it in your mouth... So I rather boil everything longer to assure that those that go inside my mouth are 100% COOKED! I don't want to get food poison again...

*My pot...I'm cooking ABC soup~ Haha*

*The STAR of the shop - Bacons*

Besides their raw materials for you to boil inside your pot, they also provide some fried foods for your appetite varieties. So if you're kinda boring with the pot of foods in front of you, you can actually have their fried dumplings, spring rolls etc... And the most delicious fried foods I've ever ate in this restaurant is THIS!!!!!!!

*Spring rolls and Yam fried rolls!!!! LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH!!!*

Shabu-shabu is a very clean and environment-friendly steamboat activity, you won't need to worry to share other's people saliva in the same big pot and get hepatitis A or B... And you won't feel hot too because of its electric heater, you can savour your meal inside air-conditioned surroundings and NO SWEATING like the time you eat normal steamboat. But there's something in the restaurant I feel quite uncomfortable with is the Kaiten belt. The kaiten belt which is located in front of you actually makes you dizzy, don't you think so? And I think it's quite funny have to always pay attention(which is one of the reason why you're dizzy too) to the kaiten belt to wait for your choice to come... LOL~

*Eat and take at the same time requires cooperation from the both side of the brain*

Overall it was a nice buffet and you can eat until your stomach burst also no one will bother. Haha... But the fullness makes me uncomfortable until 5a.m. in the MORNING!!! I couldn't eat anything more when I'm at McD watch the semi-final match between SPAIN(YEAH!!! They WON!!!) and Russia... What I had after the shabu-shabu are just hot chocolate at Feelings Cafe, sundae chocolate and few bites of McFlurry Oreos at McDonald's... It was a very FULL day. ^_^ I end up sleeping like a pig until 3pm the next day~ LOLsssss....

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