Monday, June 2, 2008

Sweets & Sours of Developing a Miracle

When I was a teenager, I never really think what is it all about pregnancy. And I truly never ever expected I will be pregnant, becoming somebody's daughter-in-law, wife and mother(soon) in the age of 21!!!

It was a very quick jump of status for me. And honestly, until today, my mental preparation is still not enough, everything actually seems like a mess for me and I don't really know what to do and what can I do. Although I do alot of refrence from magazines, internet websites and even search for consultation for people who have experience e.g my mum, my teacher... but still, I know their experience is THEIR EXPERIENCE, not mine, and now, I'm still lost in the middle of ocean...

Now I'm at the end of the 2nd trimester of pregnancy actually *(Pregnancy can be divide into 3 trimester, the 1st trimester(1st - 3rd month) and the 3rd trimester(7th until the baby was born) is the dangerous period, pregnant mums only can enjoy their honey moon at the 2nd trimester a.k.a 4th - 6h month of pregnancy)* And there's quite alot of uncomfortable feelings from my body starts to show up... And I still have like 3 more months to go through... Wow... What a tough road to go...

Put away all those financial problems that I might be facing soon, one of the worries I'm worrying about is my emotion... My teacher told me that after deliver a baby, at least need 6 months to settle and only the emotion will become stable. And what I read from those maternity magazines, this kind of maternity blues will be very obvious especially the 1st and 2nd week after birth...

That means I'm going through the maternity blues period too huh? Yikes....

I'm afraid that I will cause alot of burden to the people around me, especially my dear, my family... People will tend to get angry or mad once they can't console you... I don't wish to see that people get upset with me when myself couldn't help things to go the right way. Cope through the unstable emotions makes me feel this road is tougher than before, because I think I'm such a sentimental person... And I had a history of depression too... It's not easy for me to handle my own feelings and emotions...

Despite all those negative elements of having a baby, actually there's something nice will happen too... People around you makes you feel like you're the one and only, they treat you better than before, and they will always fulfill your requests such as take water for you, buy you nice foods etc... But you can't always ask people to do things for you, there's things you manage to do by yourself, then you should do it...

Cannot drink icy cold water, sugar and salt consuming must lower, leg cramp, back pain, always craving for sweet foods such as sweets, cakes, doughnuts, always feel like not enough sleep, have to go to toilet for few times in the middle of the night, suddenly will get upset or angry, cannot lift heavy things, cannot drive, cannot eat too much oil fried foods... These are all the small small things that will happen in this whole process of pregnancy... If you do wanna bear it, congratulations, you have the qualification to become a mother then!

Here are some pictures I took when we savouring some good foods around Damansara, mostly at IKEA!

*IKEA's ice cream, very milky flavour, melt fast too!!*

*Swedish Meat Balls!!! MY FAVOURITE!!!*

*Swedish Herb Sauce Chicken Leg*

*Nasi masak Kawah, from IKEA too!*


*Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence~*

*Oreo Milkshake!!!!! I wish I can have it now...*

Now, I'm trying my best to keep everything under control... Developing a baby is not an easy task, so be sure you say alot of Thank Yous to your mum and be a good son/daughter!!!

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