Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Beware of "DIVERSE"!!!

Yesterday I went to Carrefour Wangsa Maju to post those items to ~*★Blinky World★*~ customer... After some confusions and long queue I finally complete the posting and heading towards my car... And there's goes this incident...

"Hey Miss and Mr! (Because I'm with my hubby~) Good Afternoon! Just finish shopping???"

When this funny looking specs wearing short guy greet us with this sentence, my right leg was inside the car already, but still, with proper manner I stand there and responds him...

"I'm at here to promote my company called "Diverse"... Have you ever heard of this company before?" - DUH! Of course not... What kinds of company name is this?

"Just wanna tell you that we're actually doing some exhibition at Jaya Jusco Wangsa Maju and Giant on this coming week... So do you guys shop at JJ and Giant often?" - JJ Ya, Giant No!

"Oh~ Didn't shop at Giant one la? Never mind, Just wanna tell you that our company actually is something like Sony, Samsung, LG which sells those electronic stuffs, so be sure to visit the exhibition ya~!" - OKOK!!! I KNOW THAT YOUR COMPANY IS GOING TO HELD EXHIBITIONS LIAO LA~ NO NEED MENTION SO MANY TIMESSSSSS!!!!

"Oh by the way~ this is a voucher for you... If you went to this exhibition you can enjoy up to 50% discount *Takes out the voucher from his back pocket and handed to me, I look at the voucher, and nod that I understand his words* But Miss, you don't throw this voucher away wor, if you don't want to go to this exhibition, maybe you can hand this voucher to your family members or you neighbours! Let them enjoy the 50% discount ma~!!! - YA LA! I know la... I'll keep the voucher nicely and hand it to my mum or my dad ask them go see de la~ Aiyo~ So long gas one!!!

"I can get RM1 if I handed one voucher to customer... Mr, how come you look so fierce???" - By this time, he look inside the car and see Kok Bun's face turn black dy~

"Miss and Mr, you guys won't scold people one hor???" - I smile fakely and say ya....

"Just now got one uncle he scold me... So I hope Miss and Mr won't scold me... Miss, can you tear off the voucher? If inside is written the word "THANK YOU" then I have to get it back and make it as a proof that I approach to customer... Then I'll get RM1 per-proof!" - By this time, Kok Bun already start to yeld at me and ask me to go up the car and close the door... But still I insist I help that guy la to tear off the voucher lo~

Then you know what happened? I kena the-dunno-how-many-money de voucher... LOL! Typical scam trick like those we heard de lo~ Hahahaha!

I hand back the voucher to that guy, and by this time Kok Bun already start to scold that guy - I TELL YOU TO BACK OFF! I'M NOT FREE AND GOTTA GO NOW!


And everything is a mess that time... This guy continue with his FAKE A**HOLE FACE with those UNBELIEVABLE looks that I just tear off a jackpot voucher, and Kok Bun is soooooooo damn dulan and he looks like the volcano going to burst... And I quickly close the door but still heard the last word from the guy....

"Eh~ I thought Miss and Mr won't scold people one......" -DOOR CLOSED COMPLETELY and we're out~!!!

Haha~!!! What a funny incident... Kok Bun scold me for entertaining that guy, but I know and understand completely that everything was a plot to deceive people's money~ I was just purely entertaining that guy and see what'll happen next...

This kind of trick have been used widely at KL!!! And this time the location is at car park some more! So be sure not to believe anything they say!!!!! Whatever you kena, also fake one!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

~*★Blinky World★*~

Just started my own online shop!!! It's kinda different from those boutiques cos not just sell stuffs, we also sell services ^_^ Curious bout what I'm selling???? Hehe~

There's some items inside now, more to come!!!

Be sure to visit ya~!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Roti Babi Part 2 - Mission Accomplished

FINALLY~ I manage to reach the restaurant on a bright sunny day! To those who prayed for me and the roti babi, thanks alot~!!! Haha!!!

I know this restaurant since I was primary school... Because I just studied at SRJK (C) Lai Meng, Jln Ampang, and my mum's office just located at the same road too... My mum used to buy me kaya roll from this shop... But shockingly, from RM5, now the kaya roll's price increased till RM8!!! T_T *sob sob* Not manage to buy one home....

*Yut Kee Restaurant, which holds 80years of history at Kuala Lumpur!*

We reach Yut Kee Restaurant at 12-1pm... That time was office lunch hour... Everyone was queuing up in front of the restaurant waiting for tables.... Wow~ You can see how successful this restaurant is! And for your information, the owner of the restaurant is Hainanese... ^_^ That's why got alot of Hainan style food.

*OLs and OGs all waiting for their turn to sit down and have their lunch*

So hard only manage to wait for empty tables to sit down... And our order sure is "ROTI BABI" lo~!!! LOLsssss.... Sounds so rude the name. Beside the famous roti babi, we also ordered pork chop, belacan fried rice and toast bread!

*TADAAAA!!!!!!! THE FAMOUS ROTI BABI!!! Inside got of course - BABI lo... and shrimp meat, onions... The outer layer of the bread is covered by eggs and deep fried!! YummY~ RM7.50*

*Hainanese Style Pork Chop - RM9.00*

*Belacan Fried Rice... Don't ever try if you only can eat very mild spicy food, I only eat 2 tablespoon, my ears start to pain already~ T_T RM5.50*

*Toast bread with nice butter and home made Kaya~!!! RM2*

If you don't want to queue for place, go before or after office lunch time... Parking space is one of the problem too... Alot of one way there, so be careful not to over shoot any junction! ^_^"" Hehe~

Finally I feel satisfied~ ^o^

Monday, July 14, 2008

Roti Babi Part 1

Read the Sin Chew Newspaper yesterday, and suddenly saw that there's a very unique chinese food which only appear at 2 places in the whole Semenanjung Malaysia. One is at Penang, one is at Jln Dang Wangi or something, opposite the Plaza Wilayah, around Sogo area there... And this food got a special name too... Called Roti Babi.

LOL~ I think this name sounds kinda ugly, but since I know where's the restaurant and the place is kinda near to my house, so few of us decided to go to this old style coffee restaurant to try this so call Roti Babi...

However, today I think is not the day la.... Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo heavy rain!!! Oh my gosh~ Can't even go down the car without getting wet even though with umbrella... And end up we have our lunch at McDonald's Carrefour Wangsa Maju... What the -_-""""

Tomorrow will give this roti babi an attempt again! Hopefully tomorrow is a big shiny bright sunny day! Everyone, please pray for me and the roti babi....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nike Sauce

Yeah... you heard me...

Went to this BRJ at Kuchai Lama one... Erm, I think compare to Setapak one I like Setapak one more... Hehe. Don't know whether is those mamaks familiar with me or the nasi lemak ayam goreng at Setapak branch one taste nicer....

But sure there's one thing Kuchai Lama have and Setapak don't.

It's this:

*Special made Nike Sauce*

Special made chilli sauce by Nike... can't see clearly? Nah! There:

*Leading from the middle to Next Level*

The sauce sure is gonna lead you to the next level!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Really, really gotta say a BIG BIG THANK YOU to Kah Hoe a.k.a Mr.Potato for bringing me this! Heard that he purposely went to Pavillion after his class and take this, then go home by public transport... With all the text books he's carrying, some more gotta carry this heavy thing go home... I think everyone should give him a big clap!!!!

Thank You very much!!! As a normal friend, I think you really made me touch~ I just simply say and then you really bring it for me... Haha!!! If you guys still wondering what am I talking about, just scroll down and see! It really is a big surprise for me to see the thing in such size...


When I first saw the poster, I was like @_@ WOW!!! SO HUGE!!! WHERE AM I GOING TO PUT IT AT???? 43.5"x85.5".... Crazy size right? Haha... This was taken from the Nike shop at Pavillion branch. Potato was one of the shopkeeper so he manage to take this from me. Originally I was asking: Is there any Fernando Torres' posters(I mean normal size one de la, not like this de) the shop don't want liao? Cos recently I'm quite a fan of his, if there's poster you guys wanna throw away, how bout just give it to me? Potato say there seems like a Torres car sticker, he had to find it first to confirm whether still there or not....

The other day he smsed me say the sticker no more dy... I tell him maybe I got no luck la... He terus shoot me: WHAT NO LUCK? YOU DAMN LUCKY AR! I GOT YOU HIS POSTER LEH!!! I THINK THE POSTER SIZE TALLER THAN YOUR HUSBAND! HAHAHAHA~ But listen and seeing by my own eyes are different, the size really gives me a shock!

*Nah, give you guys a closer look of his leng zai-ness!*

This was the Nike T90 Laser II soccer shoes advertisement... Nice right??? Hahaha~

*SEE!? His head and my head are the same size!! Can guess how huge is the poster or not? I have to stand on the bed to take this photo!!!!*

Now the poster was stick inside my bedroom wall... Haha, the first thing I saw when I open up the bedroom door will be Fernando Torres. LOLsssss!!! I wonder will my baby become as leng zai as him or not? I think baby's father a.k.a my hubby will jealous lo! Haha!!!! XD

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

Went to Midvalley to meet up with my relatives and have some talk about my baby and me... But that's not the main point of this post so let's just skip it. After say goodbye to them, I pass by Big Apple THE donut shop, didn't saw alot of people queuing up like it use to be so I decided to have a try of their donuts.

*New Yorkish feel Logo*

While in the queue, heard some aunties talk about their making process... And aunties say they make it just like how Krispy Kreme make it. (If you don't know what is Krispy Kreme, I can tell you what I know roughly - It's a famous donut shop at European country - That's all I know... Haha!! XD) Oh yeah? Krispy Kreme huh? I see~ Then should be nice lo?

*All the ingredients for donuts toppings*

People use to attracted by newly opened shops... So do Malaysians... I still remember first when I saw this kind of donut shop at Pavillion (Which is not Big Apple, is J.Co) and I can say, those people were crazy... You know how long the queue is? Donuts only wor!!! Even though delicious also no need to queue like this de ma~ Donuts are sweet, full of saturated fat and all kinds of flavourings... Extremely bad for health, still ALOTsssssss of people queue up... No wonder Malaysian tend to get diabetes and obesity so easily....

And after some time, people eventually get boring of their donuts, and this is the time for ME to try... (Yeah, you can call me outdated or something, but I do think that TRYING IS NOT A TREND FOR ME TO FOLLOW, I would rather follow my own pace.) Queue in comfort and served in short time, why not?

*Donuts are displayed like this*

Somehow I do think that choosing their donuts is kinds fussy task... Because they display all their donuts side by side, and all types of donuts mixed together(Maybe this one is icing coating donuts, the next one is choco, then comes fruit type, then beside it maybe choco again... =_=""") makes the customer confused and have to come back and forward to choose what they think is tasty one, Unlike Dunkin Donuts you can see all the types in just one glance, easier for customer to place their order too... Maybe this is one of the main reason why their queues are long? Lack of efficiency for customer choice choosing...

*Finally I made up my mind and chosed these 6!*

In front of me was a teenage girl, she bought a box of 6 piece and pieces she chosed was The Alien x 2, Choreo x 2, and some I couldn't remember... I THOUGHT only can choose 3 flavours among 6 pieces =_=""" After asked the staff only I know I can choose whatever flavours as my 6 piece of choice... Of course right? LOL! What a stupid I am... And for me, I chosed The Alien, Choreo, Mango, Chocoholic, California Almond and Say Cheese!

And come to my surprise, their price stated at their shop are nett price. So means government tax included... So nice!!! Unlike Dunkin Donuts, price stated are excluded with government tax... So, their price are something like this:
per piece - RM2.20
A box of 6 pieces - RM11.50
2 box of 6 pieces - RM23.00
A box of 12 pieces - RM21.00

*Nice plastic bag they have*

*Nice box they have, but box is not the main point, is the donuts!*

*All my lovely donuts~ Going to die in my mouth soon...*

Open up the box, the 1st thing I was thinking is - Which one I should eat 1st? Each donut seems like have its own attractive aura that makes you wanna grab and bite it... But still, I'm stick with my own habit - Chocolate comes 1st! Choreo will be the 1st one to die in my mouth... Muahahahahahaha~


Eating Big Apple's Donut is not an easy task... Their donuts are softer than those we usual eat one, and those toppings are still in liquid form! Yeah~ Still slimy slimy one.... Melt inside your mouth very very fast~ Haha! So, you'll have to prepare alot of tissues to wipe off all those chocolates... And after you finish, this is what will happen:

*This is not what you can see if you eat normal donuts*

*Mmmm~ It's finger lickin good~!!!!*

With those nice names of donuts, I found something fun to camwhoring:

*Become an alien because I'm eating THE ALIEN!!!*

The 1st time eating their donuts was a fun experience.... I left 2 and a half piece of donuts for my dear... He say Mango one really not nice because of the cream toppings, and the California Almond was totally a blast! Haha~ And he say wanna try duren duren wor... (Another famous malaysia taste donut make with durian flavour) Does this means I will purchase this donuts again???? Muahahaha~ But if I do so, will be at August, because there's coupons that can redeem 3 free donuts if i buy a box of 6 pieces one!! Isn't it great?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Gackt, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

*Gackt - My God*

It's been a long long time I didn't follow Gackt's musics and his happenings... He used to be something like my god when I was at Secondary Form 5... And now, I'm married and pregnant, but deep inside my heart there's still place for him to stay and for me to worship him... LOL!

I wish, If can, my son will be someone so awesome and incredible like him! Haha~

Happy Birthday to you Gackt! Didn't send present to you because you know la, later my husband jealous then I will have to spend alot alot of time to comfort him! Haha~

A Lonely Hero - John Hancock

Yeah, I watched this movie... 16 hours+ ago... With my dear, Peiyue, Kok Cheong and Mr. Potato... Haha~ *Spoilers ahead, skip if you wish!*

*I don't know why he must act with his lip like that....*

Erm... Kinda out of my expectation when I first saw his superhero abilities... Quite abnormal... Very different from other kinds of Marvels superhero series... Because he first come out as a hobo which sleeping on the bench and molest girls and such an alcoholic, never think that his super power is something like that unrealistic...

But I do noticed that the loneliness behind him... Being alone for decades... Nobody treat him good although he's trying to do some good deeds for people to accept his existance, that kind of loneliness is just soooooooooooooo suffering that he bear it all alone, tears only stream inside his heart...

This movie is showing us the kind of sadness through some jokes... All covered up nice but you can sense there's something wrong with the character... What a good directing style the director have...

Different from what Will Smith use to do from the last few of his movies, this is another kind of way to present himself as an actor I think. Some people might think this movie is kinda normal and kinda exaggerating because Hancock seems like more GENG than superman... LOL! But this is a new style of his, I think I accept this movie and will give this movie a 4 star rating (5 star max).

*His 'Hancock' suit... Looks kinda weird, like what those future cops will wear*

But still in the end I don't know why Hancock is obsessed with Eagles... Is there any inner meaning of this symbol? Can anyone tell me??? Or it's just something that we should ignore? LOL...

People inside the cinema even clap their hands when this movie ends... LOL! Got so supporting ma? Haha~ It's not that Will Smith will know you guys being so supportive... Haha!!! Alot of people watch this movie even though the movie starts at 12:30am... And the parking at Times Square is hell expensive too... Yikes... Wish that KL shopping centres parking fees can be like those at The Curve or IKEA or Cineleisure... Not expensive AT ALL even though these shopping centres are located at those high class housing area...

P.S: Didn't sleep immediately when reached home yesterday, chasing the stories of the cyber wars against 2 Singapore hot time blogger XiaXue and Dawn Yang... Didn't really know a blogger can have soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many information of another one and posted it up in her blog... LOLssssss.... Can become FBI liao I think!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Winning Sensation

Everyone was talking about Spain and their winning against Germany. Quite pity Ballack because he just gain his 13TH RUNNER-UP title... Pity him...

So, need more I say? Say some goodies with you guys! ^o^

*Spain's captain Casillas lift the trophy high up with everybody's cheering sound!!!*

*Torres, the nation's hero*

*Their coach - Luis Aragones*

And you can watch their celebration clip at here!

P.S: If there's someone know how to speak Spanish, can tell me roughly what Reina is talking? Haha~ I think they're soooooooo excited until they look drunk! Haha!!!