Saturday, July 5, 2008

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

Went to Midvalley to meet up with my relatives and have some talk about my baby and me... But that's not the main point of this post so let's just skip it. After say goodbye to them, I pass by Big Apple THE donut shop, didn't saw alot of people queuing up like it use to be so I decided to have a try of their donuts.

*New Yorkish feel Logo*

While in the queue, heard some aunties talk about their making process... And aunties say they make it just like how Krispy Kreme make it. (If you don't know what is Krispy Kreme, I can tell you what I know roughly - It's a famous donut shop at European country - That's all I know... Haha!! XD) Oh yeah? Krispy Kreme huh? I see~ Then should be nice lo?

*All the ingredients for donuts toppings*

People use to attracted by newly opened shops... So do Malaysians... I still remember first when I saw this kind of donut shop at Pavillion (Which is not Big Apple, is J.Co) and I can say, those people were crazy... You know how long the queue is? Donuts only wor!!! Even though delicious also no need to queue like this de ma~ Donuts are sweet, full of saturated fat and all kinds of flavourings... Extremely bad for health, still ALOTsssssss of people queue up... No wonder Malaysian tend to get diabetes and obesity so easily....

And after some time, people eventually get boring of their donuts, and this is the time for ME to try... (Yeah, you can call me outdated or something, but I do think that TRYING IS NOT A TREND FOR ME TO FOLLOW, I would rather follow my own pace.) Queue in comfort and served in short time, why not?

*Donuts are displayed like this*

Somehow I do think that choosing their donuts is kinds fussy task... Because they display all their donuts side by side, and all types of donuts mixed together(Maybe this one is icing coating donuts, the next one is choco, then comes fruit type, then beside it maybe choco again... =_=""") makes the customer confused and have to come back and forward to choose what they think is tasty one, Unlike Dunkin Donuts you can see all the types in just one glance, easier for customer to place their order too... Maybe this is one of the main reason why their queues are long? Lack of efficiency for customer choice choosing...

*Finally I made up my mind and chosed these 6!*

In front of me was a teenage girl, she bought a box of 6 piece and pieces she chosed was The Alien x 2, Choreo x 2, and some I couldn't remember... I THOUGHT only can choose 3 flavours among 6 pieces =_=""" After asked the staff only I know I can choose whatever flavours as my 6 piece of choice... Of course right? LOL! What a stupid I am... And for me, I chosed The Alien, Choreo, Mango, Chocoholic, California Almond and Say Cheese!

And come to my surprise, their price stated at their shop are nett price. So means government tax included... So nice!!! Unlike Dunkin Donuts, price stated are excluded with government tax... So, their price are something like this:
per piece - RM2.20
A box of 6 pieces - RM11.50
2 box of 6 pieces - RM23.00
A box of 12 pieces - RM21.00

*Nice plastic bag they have*

*Nice box they have, but box is not the main point, is the donuts!*

*All my lovely donuts~ Going to die in my mouth soon...*

Open up the box, the 1st thing I was thinking is - Which one I should eat 1st? Each donut seems like have its own attractive aura that makes you wanna grab and bite it... But still, I'm stick with my own habit - Chocolate comes 1st! Choreo will be the 1st one to die in my mouth... Muahahahahahaha~


Eating Big Apple's Donut is not an easy task... Their donuts are softer than those we usual eat one, and those toppings are still in liquid form! Yeah~ Still slimy slimy one.... Melt inside your mouth very very fast~ Haha! So, you'll have to prepare alot of tissues to wipe off all those chocolates... And after you finish, this is what will happen:

*This is not what you can see if you eat normal donuts*

*Mmmm~ It's finger lickin good~!!!!*

With those nice names of donuts, I found something fun to camwhoring:

*Become an alien because I'm eating THE ALIEN!!!*

The 1st time eating their donuts was a fun experience.... I left 2 and a half piece of donuts for my dear... He say Mango one really not nice because of the cream toppings, and the California Almond was totally a blast! Haha~ And he say wanna try duren duren wor... (Another famous malaysia taste donut make with durian flavour) Does this means I will purchase this donuts again???? Muahahaha~ But if I do so, will be at August, because there's coupons that can redeem 3 free donuts if i buy a box of 6 pieces one!! Isn't it great?


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