Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nike Sauce

Yeah... you heard me...

Went to this BRJ at Kuchai Lama one... Erm, I think compare to Setapak one I like Setapak one more... Hehe. Don't know whether is those mamaks familiar with me or the nasi lemak ayam goreng at Setapak branch one taste nicer....

But sure there's one thing Kuchai Lama have and Setapak don't.

It's this:

*Special made Nike Sauce*

Special made chilli sauce by Nike... can't see clearly? Nah! There:

*Leading from the middle to Next Level*

The sauce sure is gonna lead you to the next level!

1 comment:

aileng miao said...

hmmm... chilli sauce is nike, den how abt ketchup? roxy/quicksilver?