Friday, July 18, 2008

Roti Babi Part 2 - Mission Accomplished

FINALLY~ I manage to reach the restaurant on a bright sunny day! To those who prayed for me and the roti babi, thanks alot~!!! Haha!!!

I know this restaurant since I was primary school... Because I just studied at SRJK (C) Lai Meng, Jln Ampang, and my mum's office just located at the same road too... My mum used to buy me kaya roll from this shop... But shockingly, from RM5, now the kaya roll's price increased till RM8!!! T_T *sob sob* Not manage to buy one home....

*Yut Kee Restaurant, which holds 80years of history at Kuala Lumpur!*

We reach Yut Kee Restaurant at 12-1pm... That time was office lunch hour... Everyone was queuing up in front of the restaurant waiting for tables.... Wow~ You can see how successful this restaurant is! And for your information, the owner of the restaurant is Hainanese... ^_^ That's why got alot of Hainan style food.

*OLs and OGs all waiting for their turn to sit down and have their lunch*

So hard only manage to wait for empty tables to sit down... And our order sure is "ROTI BABI" lo~!!! LOLsssss.... Sounds so rude the name. Beside the famous roti babi, we also ordered pork chop, belacan fried rice and toast bread!

*TADAAAA!!!!!!! THE FAMOUS ROTI BABI!!! Inside got of course - BABI lo... and shrimp meat, onions... The outer layer of the bread is covered by eggs and deep fried!! YummY~ RM7.50*

*Hainanese Style Pork Chop - RM9.00*

*Belacan Fried Rice... Don't ever try if you only can eat very mild spicy food, I only eat 2 tablespoon, my ears start to pain already~ T_T RM5.50*

*Toast bread with nice butter and home made Kaya~!!! RM2*

If you don't want to queue for place, go before or after office lunch time... Parking space is one of the problem too... Alot of one way there, so be careful not to over shoot any junction! ^_^"" Hehe~

Finally I feel satisfied~ ^o^


kurokei said...

Ehh~ looks like not bad leh haha

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

Kei: Really not bad!!!! I like the outside layer of the bread!

aileng miao said...

roti babi reali looks yummiee. got shrimp inside summore :slurp:

the restaurant sooo pack neh >.< reali nit some patient if wanna try it out..