Friday, August 29, 2008

1 Become 2

There's a dialogue inside Hong Kong movies:
means:You come in by walking, go out by lying on a bed/inside a coffin...
(Mostly used by gangsters or mafia)

But I think I'm going to 打横进,打直出!!!
You know why? Because I'm going to hospital in about 12-15 hours later...

Haihzzz.... There's still no sign of baby wanna come out... Sigh~

I'm not really worried bout it because I know eventually he will come out someday in the near future, but my families and relatives are all nervous about it!!!

So, to calm down each and every nervous people... I think volunteer to stay at hospital will be the one and only best way.

So, if you're reading this... Please wish me the best!!! ^_^

I will go in by one, come out by two... Haha!!! XD

P.S: Don't know how my baby boy is gonna looks like???
P.S2:Will he make it to Merdeka???

Went to General hospital today, have to wait until 31st of August only can go in...

Because I got no pain, no sign of labor and baby movement is OK so they say can wait for 9 days after the due date... So...

Here I AM~ Home Again! Muahahahaha~ XD


Kevin said...

hey yo..are u going to deliver soon?

hope u and ur baby boy will be safe k..

tell me the good news when u safely deliver the baby k?take care :)

kim-chan said...

Reiko!I will wish you all the best and berjalan lancar in deliver your baby boy. And of course become a merdeka boy too ^^

Hope you are not bored in Hospital ^^

Looking forward to know 2 good news from you yeah XD one is became a merdeka boy and one more is everything went smoothly!