Wednesday, August 6, 2008

General Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Me & The Virus


During my whole pregnancy period, I think the "hospital staying week" will be the climax of it...

Thought that everything starts from the rotten egg I ate and thought is food poisoning. Went to those maternity clinic and check doctor says everything is normal, fever is normal, backache is normal, as long as no symptoms of dengue fever then everything is acceptable... What the...

Doctor gave me fever pills, which I think is panadol... OK, fever just won't go away even after medication, and became more serious... Without hesitation, called up General Hospital and went to check right away. That day was 24th of July.

After a long, long interview by the doctor, (Because they need to know my EVERYTHING from I was a kid until this pregnancy period) I have to admit into ward for observation, at least 2 - 3 days... Honestly, I don't want to stay at hospital... So sudden the decision, and some more hospital rules quite tight and don't allow people to accompany 24 hours... I will be very very miserable then...

Stayed at normal ward, didn't know there's class differentiation... If I know at first, I would rather admit to 1st class ward... At least visiting hour for visitor is flexible, no need follow normal visting hours which is weekdays:123opm - 2pm, 430pm - 730pm ; weekends: 1230pm -730pm.

*I lived at the 1st floor, A ward and the number '1' bed was my bed*

Had to change to patient's wear which is sooooooooooooo uncomfortable due to its malay sarung design (2 piece ) and sooooooooooo free size that when I wear, I look like I steal sumo wrestler clothes to wear. After tied the patient tag on wrist, I'm officially a patient at General Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

*My 'unifrom' and the patient wrist tag... Feels like crying to go through alone*

The time I admitted into ward was around 730pm, I bring totally NOTHING to the hospital because I thought that my case won't serious until have to stay at hospital. This prove how wrong was I and my hubby gotta go back and pack my stuffs then come to hospital again just to pass me things and then gotta go home already, because the visiting hours are over. *Sob sob*

830pm, fever attacked again. After consume some PCM a.k.a paracetamol a.k.a panadol, doctor come and take some of my blood sample for some lab test to see whether I was dengue fever or not. The moment when needle poke into my skin, it was a pain in the heart which strengthen the fear inside of me of how to get through these coming few days. Obviously the doctor who took my blood sample was a practical doctor and after he poke the needle inside, I think he couldn't find my blood vein and he move the needle a bit inside which cause a bruise there for one whole week! I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo F**KING afraid that the needle will broke inside (T_T)

After the doctor took the blood sample, I asked him with tears inside my eyes whether there's better option of ward for me to move in. I really couldn't stand with the situation I'm in now which nobody can share and accompany when I'm afraid... The doctor say yes there's better ward and I can ask for more information if I'm willing to change ward. Don't know why, these few words make me feel calm and better.

Night comes, you can see those nurses walking here and there, checking patient's blood pressure, temperature and baby's heart beat, and everything seems so quiet... Really feel so suffer when the temperature raise... Couldn't fall asleep... Around 2am, I start to feel cold... Very cold until my whole body was shivering under the blanket. Couldn't really call for help as normal ward don't have bell service to call for nurse. I'm so cold I cover my neck with my own shawl and whole body curl up like a prawn...

4am, a nurse pass by my bed, I quickly raise my hand and ask for another blanket. I think the nurse feel weird because the ward was so damn hot and I require for another blanket? Then after she give me the blanket and check my temperature, it was f**king 38.2 celcius high and the nurse quickly call for doctor - the practical doctor.

This time, my blood will be took again as sample for another lab test, and you know how different and thick is the body of the plastic? Compare to the one the doctor took at 830pm which I think around 10ml - 15ml, this time will be 70ml - 80ml... You know how bloody and scary it is to see the whole plastic fill with blood? I nearly fainted...

PCM give again... My temperature goes down... And I still couldn't fall asleep. Around 7am, took a nap under a blurry case and waken up by nurse for breakfast at 8am. Got an egg, a kaya bun and a cup of COFFEE for breakfast. EI!!! HELLO~? I thought pregnant woman are not suppose to drink coffee due to the effect of caffeine? Then why is coffee in the breakfast menu? Weird!

25th of July, 830am, me start to feel cold again. Non stop shivering, I wish that the ceiling fan will even *poof* disappear just like that. Even a lil bit of wind which get into the blanket will make me feel like I'm at north pole. Exaggerating but I'm not. So, another time, took PCM again...

Quite weird actually, after took medicine, immediately I will stop feeling cold, and start sweating like hell as if I'm walking through Sahara desert. The whole patient wear will be wet and I gotta bath and change another new one. And not to mention, hospital water cold as ice I can say...

Some woman, after giving birth, especially Malays, are they allowed to take cold water bath and wash hair? I saw A LOT of malay woman take bath and wash hair after they're out from the labor room!!! (O_O) For Chinese this is a big NO NO!!! Chinese have sooooooooooooooooooooo many rules and tradition stuffs for woman to follow after giving birth. I'll be going through this suffering cannot-drink-clear-water-no-fan-no-bath-no-hair-wash-no-online days very very soon~

Luckily 26th of July was Saturday. Means visitors are allowed to be at the hospital non-stop for the whole afternoon!!! Yay~!!! My hubby was there whole day, Pei Yue and Kok Cheong come to visit me around afternoon 3pm which makes me feel more happier and relaxed. You don't know how boring it can be when you're alone at your own bed and got nothing to do!!! So I'm glad they come to visit, at least make me talk and smile for one afternoon is enough!

There's female guard which will come to the ward so punctual to chase away all those visitors sharp at 730pm! At that time, you will see the guard like an evil which seperate you from your love ones just like what we saw in movies!!! Really~ that time you'll hope that hero will come out and slash this evil apart so that the hero will bring you home and live happily ever after~ Nah!!! That's imaginery part. Still need to seperate no matter what! *Sob sob* (T_T)

Then, boring and lonely again!

My fever and the cold feeling come and go come and go, didn't make a good change even though took quite alot of PCM! Around 4am, 27th of July, my temperature reached the climax, 39.9 celcius! The nurse say this is the worst temperature she had ever seen! And quickly, PCM again, and this time I was told to rub my body with cold towel to prevent any cramp happen either me or my baby...

The fever decreased around 530am... Another sleepless night.

*Creepy and total silent, sometimes babies cried so loud... Kesian them*

I was told that I had to take antibiotics in liquid form if my fever attacks again. And so lucky, my fever come at 9am! This means I REALLY GOTTA TAKE ANTIBIOTICS! So, 12pm, the doctor came, with all those stuffs - cottons, needles, antibiotics, alcohol swab bla bla bla... And the needle length scare me till death!

Finding blood vein at the back of my hand was a tough task. My veins are sooooooooo tiny the doctor told me. She first poke me at the left hand, which I feel so pain and nervous and the needle didn't meet the vein, so, she took out the whole needle, and find my veins at my right hand, poke the needle into my skin. This time I try to stay calm so that the doctor can fast fast finish the whole process. After she put those bandage to stable the position of the needle, I asked the doctor will the needle's metal break inside if I move my hand in a big motion... The doctor told me the needle is not inside! She took out the metal, what left inside is plastic! O_O""""""""""" I don't know that.... I can't even stare and look at the process! But from my experience, I can told you that this time was the most pain needle poking I've ever had!

*You know until where the plastic's length is? Know the bone around the wrist which pops up? Yeah, until THERE!!! 5cm long! Scary or not?*

After some antibiotics, it slightly reduce my temperature of fever, not as scary as 39.9, but still, fever. Hmm... Sunday afternoon only can be describe in one word - HOT! X_X Crazy Hot!!! Imagine living inside a dunno how many years building, with only one ceiling fan every 20 steps distance, you can't even feel there's wind blow at the heaty afternoon.

Hospital provides breakfast - 8am, lunch - 12pm, afternoon tea - 3pm and dinner - 6pm. Their breakfast, lunch and dinner sucks most!!! Most people get only coffee and two slice of buttered white bread which is definitely NOT Gardenia for breakfast. Some even worst, for those diabetes patients, they get milk and white bread only! Lunch and dinner will be rice, but more to malay diet which have fried fish, or curry chicken, or asam fish... Yikes, What if there's patient which can't stand chilli hot like ME???????? Asked hubby to bring food from outside... Yee Mee la, fruits la, cakes la... I think I got most varieties of food inside the drawer! Haha~

*Curry chicken.... pickled veges... SUCKS X_X*

In the middle of the night, you'll feel hungry easily. Because their dinner time sets at 6pm, so means you gotta tahan till the next day 8am only got food to go into your stomach! SIAO!!! How to tahan more than 12hours of empty-ness inside stomach? I really kesian those people who don't have relatives to come and buy food for them in the middle of the night... Luckily my hubby can buy me dim sum!!! (Love you soooo much!!! ^3^~*)

*My masterpiece during the hospital sleepless night, MMSed to few people. LOL!*

My fever start to come and go in a short period, not long like few days ago, this is a good phenomenon I think... So, the doctor decided to change from liquid form antibiotics to pills... Yeah~ No need to fill in antibiotics into my hand again!!! Just need to swallow~ Nyahahahaha... But this is the good part, the bad part is, doctor say need to took blood samples again! O_O WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How many times I have to give you guys my blood to confirm whether I was dengue fever or what? Aiyo~ You really think my blood is free one ar? I don't have enough blood also ar~ Haihzzzzzz~ What to do? Also have to give lo!

*See the comparison of both antibiotics?*

I thought I can discharge at Monday, 28th of July, however, the doctor don't let me go!!!!!! Say gotta wait for the blood test report which was delayed due to weekend!!! Argh~ I think I'm going crazy la if continue stay inside the hospital!!! Like bird inside the cage... Wanna change to a more comfortable ward but feel pointless. Yikes, weekdays, my hubby cannot accompany me at the afternoon... But luckily my neighbour bed is a Sarawakian Chinese. There's someone to chat to...

And too, I was told that pre-eclampsia and pregnancy diabetes can suddenly appear from nowhere even though you take care of your diet very very carefully! O_O"""" SHOCKED!!! Suddenly feel afraid to get those... Not easy to go through... And I saw THE AWFUL STRETCH MARKS at her tummy!!!!! X_X Die die die die die.... Please God! Don't let me get any of those!!!!!!!!!!!

Her due date was 28th of July, since she had diabetes so suddenly, for not affecting her baby, she was given contractive pills to make her baby come out. Waiting for the vagina to open until 4cm was really a pain in the a**. Pain a while then no pain and repeatly, sleep also cannot, walk also cannot, sit also cannot... Walau~ X_X Exhausted!!! That's why people say: A woman giving birth actually is as same as a man going on a war.

29th of July!!! Finally!!! No fever tracked AT ALL!!! Blood report arrived!!! I can discharge from the hospital!!! And the breakfast today was awesome!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA~ A lot of people discharge today... And the nurses are sooooooooo busy to handle every patient's discharge process, until I had to discharge around 4pm!!!

*The most awesome hospital-style breakfast - FRIED BEEHOON!!!*

Walking out from that building was a relieve in heart! I feel like wanna jump and scream and roll on the green grass and put a fireworks show!!! Hahahaha~ Finally~ I'm OUT! And going back to my precious home sweet home!!!

P.S: Thanks to everyone who is concern about my health, I'm in a good shape right now~ ^_^

P.S2:Thanks to my hubby who is all the way with me, trying to comfort me and accompany me to go through this scary period...

P.S3:Thanks for the fruits wor Peiyue and Kok Cheong!!!

P.S4:Some of the nurses are very very very kind and lovely, thanks for your care when I was in there!

P.S5:Thanks to YOU who read this post until here... Thank YOU!


kurokei said...

"You know how bloody and scary it is to see the whole plastic fill with blood? I nearly fainted..."

and that is another reason why i dun donate blood. X_X

glad you're out of that horrible place =D

kim-chan said...

I admitted to GH before too. Because of dengue fever. And had same incident with you the needle thingy T___T and you know what? 2 nurses tried on my right hand for so many times and end up I got inner bruises. It fades a year later..The food was oookay for me LOL~

It sure must be hard for you to be there alone *cries* stupid time visit thingy...why can't just make it 24 hours. I find it so silly.
but whenever i passed GH i scared..=/

Beehon...yum yum XD XD
Congrats because you left that place ^^ YAY!

aileng miao said...

GH looks like a scary jail.. thank god you are escaped. (cross finger and pray that u wont be there once more in the rest of ur life)

makesure u get urself a more comfortable enviro when ur delivering ur boyboy yea ;)

de hospital UNIFORM looks okie wat, alwys thought it suppose to b minty-green...

Kevin said...

aiya..why didn't u asked me to go and visit u..didn't know bout this until i saw it at ur blog which is here..

if i did visit u i think u won't be that bored..maybe u'll even ask me to

btw..i was admitted to the hospital long long time ago also..if i'm not mistaken it's back to 1995 i think..haha..

u noe why i was admitted?bcoz of dengue..wat i rmb was i punch and bite the doctors and nurses..becoz they want to inject me..hahaha..pity those doctors and nurses..

but from wat i rmb..only the tea time's food is ok which is some biscuits and milo..others like lunch and dinner really suck!!