Monday, August 18, 2008


Knew this movie was showing quite some time ago~ Yeah, I know I am such an outdated... But who ask me that time I was busy preparing my wedding or something... So no time go cinema. (No la, the main reason is my hubby don't like Japanese love story movie, so.... You know lo...)

Watched this movie in the middle of the night... My hubby went to Sg Buloh and stayed at his cousin sister's house accompany his parents so that I got the full authority of the computer usage.

Didn't know what can I do actually... No new reply inside forum, not really feel like going out for supper even though hungry since it's already 4am in the morning and no one wanna accompany me, not really in the mood to complete the phone cover I was making... So, decided to watch this movie.

I didn't read those movie review, so don't know the plot for this movie except for its theme - Love Story.

Girls around my age still believe in love? I guess so~ But to me, a girl which is 21 years old, married and pregnant some more, love between couples seems like kinda not-so-real to me. Don't wanna comment about this, I think everybody deserved to love and to be loved...

from 4am to 6am, watched the movie, cried for few times... Wow, tear jerking one I can say, especially to people who will become emo in the middle of the night...

Who say guy in gold/silver hair sure must be punk a.k.a guwakzai? First I saw the poster in this movie I was like Huh??? The main character must be some kind of punk... Punk love story??? LOL! But this prove I'm wrong.

The main actor which called Hiro was a guy soooooooooooo nice that he did everything he can just to protect the girl he loved so much.

Not really a pure teenage love stories because some social issues have added inside such as - bully cases, rape, sex before marriage(inside school some more O_O"""""), pregnancy... Typical issues that reflect what is happening at Japanese community nowadays.

Not an happy ending, but nice story overall. Not a boring story until you will fall asleep while the movie is going on. Recommended to watch actually!!! Hehe~

Here's a cute picture of the couple~

*May everyone in this world found their true love and cherish it as much as they could!*

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kim-chan said...

I cried for an hour for this movie. LOL. Especially the part where Mika know that Hiro sick etc...
Hiro loved Mika so deeply TT___TT it touches my heart.
thanks to you, you made me bought this movie yesterday XD