Saturday, August 16, 2008

Restaurant Seng Kee @ Petaling Street

Recently being busy to find wholesaler for all those crystals we're using for Blinky World... But can't manage to find very very cheap one... Is there anyone got any lubang to introduce??????

Went to Petaling Street to find lubang... LOL~ And saw this restaurant on others blog. Honestly, not me browsing through those makan-makan blogs one, is my hubby, cos he loves to makan so much, so now his weight I think is going to reach the peak of his life... -_-"""""""

After parked the car, don't know got what to eat, we decided to give this 'Seng Kee' a try. I never eat Claypot pearl noodles (Lao Shu Fen/Lou Xu Fun) before! Really! Don't know why, I don't like claypot stuffs actually, because in my mind, claypot = sure the base of the food will overcooked and got smells like claypot chicken rice. Some people claim that's tasty, some people don't, and to me, its very very super unhealthy to eat that.

So, browsing through the menu... And the price actually gave me a shock. O_O""" Not cheap eh~!!! So, 4 people, we ordered for one medium size claypot pearl noodles, one medium size BBQ pork mee and one small fried intestines....

And here comes the 3 dishes...

*Claypot Pearl Noodles, the egg makes the pearl noodles very smooth~*

*Normal BBQ Pork Mee that taste exactly like Wan Ton Mee*

*Intestines.... AHHHHHHH~ X_X*

Don't know why, I'm glad the first claypot pearl noodles I ate in my life is this one... So delicious la wei~~~~~ Why I don't eat claypot pearl noodles before de? Aiyo~ I really feel like I'm an idiot wasting my time being a Chinese living at Malaysia, KL some more!!!!!!

Then, I try the BBQ pork mee... Honestly, it tasted just like normal Wan Ton Mee lo~ Nothing special... Don't know why the shop owner will think their BBQ pork mee nice and introduce to people pula...

In my whole life, I never put any intestine inside my mouth and chew it before... I really don't get it, why some people will like to eat all those animal intestines and claim it's tasty?????? Can't you even taste there's some weird taste??? OMG~

I thought I will never put intestines inside my mouth and chew it... But I kena force by my hubby ar~ *sob sob* Where got people force other to eat intestines de??? Aiyo~ How come I so suffer one... T_T

And the very moment I put the intestines inside my mouth and chew it, out of my expectation, this intestine got no weird taste one. Maybe the sauce the chef cook along with the intestine covered all the weird taste. Chew it and chew it, taste something like sotong~ Haha!

Ok, I admit, this intestine taste good, but that doesn't mean I will eat other place de intestines... Yucks~ So, for girls who don't like intestines like me, you can eat Seng Kee's intestine, guarantee no weird taste...

Price List:
Claypot Pearl Noodles: (S) RM9 (M)RM12 (L) I forgot
BBQ Pork Mee: I forgot too -_-""""
Intestines: RM16

Really cham, the bill is RM45+ for a normal lunch for 4 people.... Expensive X_X!!!

P.S: I think only some people can exactly understand what I'm talking about the intestine issue... Just like some people who doesn't eat beef and claim the beef got weird taste and once they try the McDonald's beef patty they say it's tasty! Taste like chicken meat... So now you get what I mean?


aileng miao said...

i also jx got to noe tat what BURGERS made from.. so sick of it and i guess wont be taking any burger shortly.....

lol-ed that u'v nvr take clear noodle aka loh see fun?!!!

kurokei said...

lol intestine nice la =D
dun judge looks by the cover la. hahahha

wooi said...

Same thing that i ate after my swimming near the "Ching Wu" hill.
But what i do not like is the foot massage shop that next to it..