Saturday, August 30, 2008


Decided to blog a bit before I admit into the hospital, but there's a problem: What should I blog about???

Ya, as I mention inside my blog posts before, I think I'm having blogger's blue (Thanks to CG for the word!) and this kind of blues continues till today! Wow, if I earn money by blogging to survive in this world, I think I'm a far dead X_X

I don't wanna do blog post about food I've eaten, places I've been, at this moment I feel these topics are just so meaningless... Argh~ Typical Gemini style I am... Changes always going on every minute every second...

30th August, the last day Me and my hubby being alone.

Shall he bring me to a nice, fancy restaurant for the precious moment of 2 and as a memory for the future?

I bet there's no more COUPLE TIME anymore after my baby boy come out... Maybe I should hint about the fancy restaurant thingy when we're going for dinner~ Haha!

Oh yeah~ There's one thing wanna rant about - My precious time alone with McDonald's!!

And it was spoilt by the careless mistakes by the delivery boy! By the moment I saw my precious French Fries become like people swimming inside the chocolate flavoured swimming pool, I think my eye holes are flaming~

I forgot which day is it, my hubby is not at home, then I decided to order french fries and sundae chocolate! And I was thinking, should I order 2 sundae chocolate instead of one? And my conscience told me not to. So, I ordered 2 large fries, 1 sundae chocolate and 1 apple pie. And those are considered my tea time + dinner!

So, you know, unlike Domino's Pizza which have 15 minutes time limit for those delivery guys to reach, McDonald's delivery actually eats up alot alot of time. Usually have to wait for about 45 minutes to 1 hour... So next time called Domino's instead of McDonald's if you're starving.

Waiting for 45 minutes with all my patient and my love for the fries and chocolates, finally I heard someone knock the door. YEAH! My LOVE arriveD!!!!

While waiting for my change, I ACCIDENTALLY touched the bottom of the plastic bag, and the unusual coldness of the bottom tells me there's something wrong inside the plastic bag.

Open it up. TADAA~!!! The cover of the sundae chocolate actually loosen and the ice cream were all over inside the plastic bag. Nothing is dry! Tissues, my apple pie, and mostly, FRENCH FRIES!!!!!! X_X

ARGH~~~ I asked that guy how am I suppose to consume my ice cream? Using the plastic bag instead of cup? What the F**K!!! The guy said that he'll take another sundae chocolate for me... Ask me wait.

I was quite doubtful whether the guy will come back or not. And checking out the disaster too~

*It was so GELI to see all the chocolate water wets all the things inside*

*AH! The paperbag which contains my precious fries WET!!!*

*GROSS~ EWW!!! Makes my hand sticky too when cleaning up!*

*Instead eating fries directly from the paper bag, I have to find a plate to put all the fries... Which means I gotta wash plate later! What the F**K!*

ARGH~ Luckily the guy really fulfill his promise! He comes back less than half an hour and gave me the WHOLE NEW SUNDAE CHOCOLATE.

For no reason, I actually think that God knows I'm craving for 2 sundae chocolate so he arranged this whole thingy just for me! Haha~ I felt better when I think like this.

Eating McDonald's was a happy, fun time for me~ And this incident actually spoiled all my mood X_X Yikes~

So guys, next time make sure you checked everything before you let the delivery guy leaves!!!!

P.S: Recently KL rain everyday~ And sometimes just feel like I'm at Genting~ X_X COLD!!!

*Mysterious KL*

P.S2: Imma HUNGRY now... Should I call for McDonald's???????? X_X

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