Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where's RM1???

Hey!!! Since you got nothing to do and view my blog, I'll let you have something to think over about Ok??? Hehe~ *evil grin*

One day, I borrow RM50 from Kei, and another RM50 from Hana... Means I got RM100 la right?

Then, I went to Sg Wang, saw a super gorgeous peep toe wedge heels(that one like Cheesie bought one leh~)... I bought the heels at the price - RM97....

So, the shop owner gave me back RM3 as change lo...

Then since I have RM3, I shall give back Kei RM1, and Hana RM1... So that makes me owe both of the RM98 right??? (Owe Kei RM49 and Hana RM49 = RM98)

Then plus the RM1 at my hand... Total I got only RM99!!!!

Where did the last RM1 go????????

No wrong ar~ RM49 from Kei + RM49 from Hana + RM1 at my side = RM99 only...
The amount add up should be RM100 right???

Can anyone tell me the answer???


Actually in my comments, P was right!!!

You buy for 97$ + you have 1$ in hand = you have 98$ of Assets

You owe 2x 49$ = 98$ of assets it matches

you shouldn't add up your 1$ that you own to the 98$ that you owe. Wither you sayI owe 98$ MINUS 1$ that I have = 97$ (the price of my shoes) or

I owe 97$ worth of shoes PLUS 1$ in my hand so I owe 98$..


P.S: My mum asked me this question, I can't figure it out too...
People tend to add the RM1 to the debt that they owe... Haha!
That's why I will say: This is a ridiculous question... No need think about it! LOL! XD

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I washed my hair!!!
(After letting it busuk for.... err.... 23 days!!! OH MY GOSH! O_O"")

I took bath for 3 times already~

I drank warm plain water once~

I didn't wear socks and walked around for 2 days already~

I open the fan power till 4~

These are NO NO during post-natal confinement period...

I think I'm going to regret it when I'm getting older... Argh~ X_X

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Hana-chan~!!!

***~::Happy Birthday::~***

Yeah, I know I'm being a baddy bad friend... 2 years didn't celebrate with you~ T_T SORRY!!!

Yikes, so to cheer you up, I have lots of cake for you to - SEE!!! HAHA XD

So hope you like it~

***~May Everything In Your Life will Be as Nice as A Piece Of Cake~!!!~***


Friday, September 19, 2008

The Grand Appearance

Of My SON!!! - Oh Jia Xuan胡嘉轩

I know I know it took me soooooooo long to post my baby's picture...

You know la, I got to take his picture ma~ If not where got so many picture to show??? Haha XD

Ok, I'll explain these photos one by one to you guys~

*This is the first picture of my son... I think Kok Bun took this picture around 7pm... Just after 5 hours when my son was born... Already open eyes and know how to smile*

*His face got pimples ar? LOL! No la... Told by those auntiessss neighbours these are cause by milk... So have to wipe baby's face with warm wet handkerchief everytime finish feed baby. There's another way to cure - Use your saliva early in the morning and put some on baby's face, these rashes will gone in 2 days!!! Haha XD*

*I AM SO DRUNK~ I COULDN'T WAKE UP! Hahahahahaha XD Took this when he's falling asleep... He looks really like blur sotong~*


*I don't know what capture his attention honestly~ Haha... He seems to be so curious towards his surroundings*

*Be mesmerize by my pair of ELECTRIC EYES~@_@*

*Oh~ I'm gonna eat you~ AAAAHHHHMMMM!!*

And here's a series of my son's camwhoring!

3 Shot straight!!! Geng leh~ Hehe XD

*Hey~ I don't like to take picture la!!!*

*Huh??? What is camwhoring by the way???*

*Ok la ok la, I give you some smile la~*

Alot of people asked baby looks like mummy or daddy...

Honestly la, how to tell oh? Baby all looks like the same when they're newborn... I look at others newborn baby, they look ALMOST just the same like my son... Haha~ I hope I really bring my OWN SON home from hospital. XD

Ok, end of this grand appearance~ It's time to sleep lo!!! Nitezz~

Saturday, September 13, 2008


*Sorry~ Still no baby's photos yet because I'm not using my own computer... V_V*

Trying to blog whenever my baby is sleeping... He seems like sleep so less... I thought new born babies are suppose to sleep around 16-18 hours a day?

When I calculate all his sleeping time he didn't sleep that much hours... But as long as he's OK, I'm Ok la... Just less time for myself to do my own things lo~

I'm entering the 14th day of my Post-Natal period. Can say is a ALOT OF PANTANGSSSS AND LARANGSSSSS period for a woman after giving birth....

To me, I would rather give birth to 10 child rather than going through post-natal period for one month!


Everyday eat the same dish - ginger, chicken, not so many varieties of vegetables, pork....

Everyday can drink red dates water only... Strictly NO PLAIN WATER OR MINERAL WATER!!!! Scare these plain water contains wind and drink these water the wind will go inside the body and make your body pain....

Strictly CANNOT OPEN THE FAN! No la~ Fan still can open a bit, Just the power cannot too strong, cannot got those windy feeling lo...


YA! Can you imagine? ONE MONTH! WITHOUT WASHING HAIR! ONE MONTH!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD! I already barely can't stand the smell already for the 14th day... Someone tell me how to go through the other 16 days??????

Dry shampoo are useless!!! Not TOTALLY useless at all la... It maybe can stops itchiness, and the perfume smell powder maybe can let you smell nice for few hours, but once you sweat, still the same! Gosh~ some more so expensive!!! X_X

Argh~ What more I wanna complaint???? I got alot alot of things wanna complaint ar!!!!

Cannot do this cannot do that... You tell me la what more I can do?

I try to read books and magazines but eyes will feel tired...

I try to online but my computer has been moved out from the room and everything unplugged!!! X_X

I try to appreciate my baby's handsome face but I already took tooooooooooooooo many photos of his....

I try to get a good sleep but baby will cry, or sometime it's time to for meal, or the breast milk will engorge until so pain you couldn't sleep...

Yeah~ I'm fully breastfeeding my baby... Not an easy task I can say... Especially middle of the night, have to wake up my own to feed baby... Not like formula milk powder, you can ask hubby to make it and feed the baby so that you can continue your good night sleep...

But I want the best for my baby, I shouldn't give up right? Haha~ Hopefully I can breatsfeed him until he's old enough for solid food!

Yikes.... So wanna take bath~

P.S: I feel like there's alot of dusts, germs, bacterias at my hair that could be a very good growing place for worms... X_X

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm BACK!!!

From delivery my baby boy!!! ^_^

He's born on 31st of August 2008!!! Hooray~!!!

Can't manage to online frequent now... Will have to wait for quite a long time I guess...

I will write a very very detail of this whole unique experience and share with you guys soon! Be sure to check back~ ^o^/*