Friday, September 19, 2008

The Grand Appearance

Of My SON!!! - Oh Jia Xuan胡嘉轩

I know I know it took me soooooooo long to post my baby's picture...

You know la, I got to take his picture ma~ If not where got so many picture to show??? Haha XD

Ok, I'll explain these photos one by one to you guys~

*This is the first picture of my son... I think Kok Bun took this picture around 7pm... Just after 5 hours when my son was born... Already open eyes and know how to smile*

*His face got pimples ar? LOL! No la... Told by those auntiessss neighbours these are cause by milk... So have to wipe baby's face with warm wet handkerchief everytime finish feed baby. There's another way to cure - Use your saliva early in the morning and put some on baby's face, these rashes will gone in 2 days!!! Haha XD*

*I AM SO DRUNK~ I COULDN'T WAKE UP! Hahahahahaha XD Took this when he's falling asleep... He looks really like blur sotong~*


*I don't know what capture his attention honestly~ Haha... He seems to be so curious towards his surroundings*

*Be mesmerize by my pair of ELECTRIC EYES~@_@*

*Oh~ I'm gonna eat you~ AAAAHHHHMMMM!!*

And here's a series of my son's camwhoring!

3 Shot straight!!! Geng leh~ Hehe XD

*Hey~ I don't like to take picture la!!!*

*Huh??? What is camwhoring by the way???*

*Ok la ok la, I give you some smile la~*

Alot of people asked baby looks like mummy or daddy...

Honestly la, how to tell oh? Baby all looks like the same when they're newborn... I look at others newborn baby, they look ALMOST just the same like my son... Haha~ I hope I really bring my OWN SON home from hospital. XD

Ok, end of this grand appearance~ It's time to sleep lo!!! Nitezz~


thiamhin said...

congrat reiko for being new mummy....
hope ur son will grow up as smart as u...

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

LOL~ How you know I'm smart??? Haha XD

=chuan guan= said...

so cute....

kim-chan said...

XDDD so cuteeee!!!~ but how come the son in the camera more than the mother?hahahaha xD XD XD

that last picture so comfortable feeling, you can make it as an advertisement xDXD

So pandai open eyes after 5 hours LOL

kurokei said...

LOL i still remember when your mum ask me the baby look like you or kb, you said "where can see look like who? look like baby la!" LOL
later after i done my thing i go visit u la haha

Love-a-lot Bear said...

Reiko, wow!

he seems like he's gonna have a real stylo eyebrow wor!!!
Gambateh ya!!!!!!!!!!!11

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

chuanguan: you more cuter la~ haha XD

kim-chan:of course lo~ he's the limelight now... I'll be cold aside dy by everyone in the family.. Haha

kei:then after I come back from Ipoh around Raya that time lo~ Hmm~ I plan to go Son's house if can... hehe

love-a-lot bear: Eyebrow? You can see his eyebrow??? I also dunno how his eyebrow will looks like leh~

aileng miao said...

bb looks curious all the time leh. soooo cute *v* :hugzz:

congrat for being mummy~~ :clapclapclap: best wishes for bb to grow up healthily n happily~~