Tuesday, October 28, 2008

About Me, Myself

Recently, I opened all those pictures files and view again all those old pictures of me and my friends... About what I had been through last year...

I was once so carefree, freedom and joyful person (Not that now I'm suffering, but compare to before, now I'm kinda not that happy like I used to be...)

Look back at all those pictures, there's many different emotions appears inside my heart... But the strongest of all is - Will I ever enjoy life like this again?

I wanna become a beautiful lady, wanna do make-ups, nail polish, go shopping... Yeah, these become something that I can't fulfill nowadays... I don't even have time to eat my meals! LOL~ Where will have extra time to do these kind of luxury things?

Maybe need to wait my son grow bigger 1st...

Here are some photos of ME... Some of them I think I never post it on this blog before... LOL~ Everytime wanna blog bout those events I take part in but no mood, then slowly I forgot there's still things I haven't blog about... LOL!

*Around March, Me and Peiyue went to Maison with my hubby's friendssss*

*This is what we're doing when we're working at PC Fair - Camwhoring*

*Went to Genting with my bf(now is my hubby lo!) around May*

*A joyful night to celebrate Kok Cheong's birthday at Thai Club! I'm still using my pink phone that time~ Ah! Lovely*

*Went to The Apartment at The Street, The Curve there with my ex-school mates a.k.a photography club members! Do alot of camwhoring there too!!! Haha!*

I wanna live myself to the fullest again... Can I?

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