Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What I Am Next...

This is what I'm going to be next!!!!

*Not the black one, the WHITE one!!!*

Been searching for these dresses, head dresses, accessories and so much more... But these cost alot!!!!!

Yikes~ How come so many girls around PJ Subang area so rich can own so many lolita dresses and stuffs???

Anyway~ I will work hard on my business and save money to buy!!! Wish me Luck~!!

P.S: Lolita not from Japan one lo~ From Western one lo... But Japanese really geng! Can bring out the trend!!! ^w^

P.S2: Don't know my son will scare or not see his mummy become lolita pula -_-""""


kim-chan said...

i think your son will be proud and think

" waaa my mommy so good in fashion"


Hurley said...

isn't that rozenmaiden? anime?