Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dear Qi,

"Happy 21st Birthday!!!! Dear Qi!"

Sorry I can't tell you that directly... So busy these days that my head will burst... Not knowing how many hours sleep, how many hours awake... That day you saw me online for 1 second right? My pc jammed and I have to restart everything again~ The pc is like tofu, can be destroy very easily...

Read your blog just now, saw that you're happily enjoying your life over there... Good good! Hehe~ At least you're happy like on the cloud nine now right? Haha~

When was the last time I hear you voice? Year 2007 September 30? Yeah~ I guess so... Miss you so much that I will cry now...

You're already 21! Adult at last! The youngest sis in Seisyun has finally turning to be an adult. What a shock! Time does flies! I still can remember your cute, tiny little face back in Form 1... Haha~ Those days we used to run out from school before class start and went to Aneka and buy some UK magazines that costs bucksss.... LOL!(By the way, no more Aneka already... This shop was closed...Now that shop lot become steamboat restaurant. V_V)

I remember I argue with your mum in phone, times we're kinda cold and not close to each other when we're in different class, times we trained kawad kaki so hard, I intro GLAY to you and Kei, you intro Gackt to me, we're in the class of ART - the most nonsense stream subject in the whole S.M Chong Hwa, transfer school together, bought the same bag, same bento... etc... So many things we do together...

You're the strongest bond between every member in Seisyun, without you, we're kinda losing connection to each other... Haihz... I'm one fail president right?

Anyway, really hope I can see you, your cute face next year during Chinese New Year! Hope that Seisyun can gather together again and create some awesome memories again!

Best Wishes,

Dear Kei,

Sorry, I wasn't there to celebrate your 21st birthday. Hmm... To me, I think this turning adult thingy is something important in ones lifetime.

I never wrote you a letter right? Even small notes... When we're studying during high school period, I used to write small notes and pass it to Qi or Aira... But I realise I didn't do such thing with you... Why ar???? Maybe its because between you and me there's nothing we can't talk to each other directly?

I still remember those gloomy days of mine... When I see no future in my life... Knowing no one who can help me, I called you... Yes, you and your family helped me through. This is something that I'll never forgot for my whole life. Wounds leave scars in my heart, what you leave is something warm that will nourish my heart for my whole life.

I still remember, my impression of you when we used to study in the same class during Form 1... You're always with guys! You chat with them (about Pokemon! Gosh~ I don't even know all the pokemon characters name! X_X), you play with them... Watching you laugh so happily with them everyday~

You never show people your sad face... Is it because you feel insecure to show people your weakness? I don't know, but I hope you will always remember that I'm always here to listen to you and borrow you my shoulders if you're finding someone to cry with...

Sorry for my long missing... It's kinda tough period for me to go through nowadays. Being a mum ain't easy at all. My time is not my time anymore. So many things to do, to learn... Not even have time to take a deep breath or take a long nap...

I don't know whether I can still be the Reiko that I used to be... I'll try my best to ok? Hope that those cheerful days won't just be a memory that lies deep inside our heart... I will try to make things alive... I promise.

Last but not least, Happy 21st Birthday~ Kei!

Warm Wishes by,


Finally, I understand the meaning of "IF"...

The truth is, "IF" doesn't exist...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Photoshop is ❤Love❤

Yes, I told you guys I was busy~ I didn't lie to you guys! I'm really busy like hell recently...@_@ Almost pengsan I can say...

First of all, my time usage priority is for my son lo~ Whenever he wakes up, I have to wake up too... No matter what time it is... 4a.m. ka, 6a.m. ka, 7a.m. ka... Whenever he wakes up, he needs someone to accompany him... Abo he'll make noise so loud until you can't sleep... @_@

My son seldom take afternoon nap... So whenever he sleeps, inside my heart there'll be somekind of celebration!(Because I can't celebrate physically, so I might as well celebrate inside my heart! LOL!) Because his nap time is my own PRIVATE TIME which I can do things I want!!!

First, I'll start doing phone covers... The business is going on but not really many orders receive... So if you like blingy things please click here! (Hard sell again! LOL!)

Second, if there's no phone cover to do, I will do some houseworks such as sweep floors la, lap floors la, wash clothes la.... And look around the house and think what can I do...(Swt! I put the houseworks in the 2nd place... You guys must think that my house was messy right? YEAH! IT IS!!! =_=""")

Third, If there's really nothing I can do, I'll do one thing that I love so much that I made this my hobby lately! PHOTOSHOPing~

Kei give me the software, after setup, I don't know what the heck is going on actually!

Those words like brushes, art history brush, dodge tool, burn tool, smudge, layers, what-so-ever la... These nouns represents ??? to me...

To full use photoshop, I go to Deviant Art and take a look. I think if there's heaven for human being, there's heaven for PhotoshopERS too!

There's so many tutorials and application resources inside that you feel like wanna download it all!!! ^w^

I just learned some basics... And now I show you some of my works... Don't laugh, I know it's ugly!

*This is what I do when I haven't see or learn any tutorials online. If you guys wonder how the background was made, it was my wedding photo actually! I place the phone cover on the Rose Bouquet that I'm holding while taking this photo! Haha! XD*

*This is something simple, some border brushes and brightness/contrast adjustment*

*Yesterday one of the customer wanna see how her phone cover is, so I made this. Don't know how you guys feel, I think somehow it looks like Juicy Couture thingy...hmm...*

*And this is another customer too, who wanted to see which design suits best, so... 7 design in 1... Use up alot of time to do this...Need to resize and everything... Gosh O_O*

And now I'll show you what I made this morning....TADAA!
from THIS:

*LOL~ Not proud of it... but I think this is the best I can do at this moment... Didn't do much kakitangan on my face... Just put alot of effort at the background and decoration thingy*

If you guys have some awesome photoshop tips, maybe you can share with everybody here!!! ^_^