Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dear Kei,

Sorry, I wasn't there to celebrate your 21st birthday. Hmm... To me, I think this turning adult thingy is something important in ones lifetime.

I never wrote you a letter right? Even small notes... When we're studying during high school period, I used to write small notes and pass it to Qi or Aira... But I realise I didn't do such thing with you... Why ar???? Maybe its because between you and me there's nothing we can't talk to each other directly?

I still remember those gloomy days of mine... When I see no future in my life... Knowing no one who can help me, I called you... Yes, you and your family helped me through. This is something that I'll never forgot for my whole life. Wounds leave scars in my heart, what you leave is something warm that will nourish my heart for my whole life.

I still remember, my impression of you when we used to study in the same class during Form 1... You're always with guys! You chat with them (about Pokemon! Gosh~ I don't even know all the pokemon characters name! X_X), you play with them... Watching you laugh so happily with them everyday~

You never show people your sad face... Is it because you feel insecure to show people your weakness? I don't know, but I hope you will always remember that I'm always here to listen to you and borrow you my shoulders if you're finding someone to cry with...

Sorry for my long missing... It's kinda tough period for me to go through nowadays. Being a mum ain't easy at all. My time is not my time anymore. So many things to do, to learn... Not even have time to take a deep breath or take a long nap...

I don't know whether I can still be the Reiko that I used to be... I'll try my best to ok? Hope that those cheerful days won't just be a memory that lies deep inside our heart... I will try to make things alive... I promise.

Last but not least, Happy 21st Birthday~ Kei!

Warm Wishes by,

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kurokei said...

thank u!! xD I missed you so much! =3
things will get harder but I'll always be there when u need me, so do call me, ne? =D