Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2 more hours to go...

And Bye Bye year 2008!

I think I'll have a GREAT start - by arguing madly with him and now he's out from the house.

I'm kinda emo to explain the whole story now... So I'm not going to do it.

Here! Some picture I took this afternoon to represent my feelings now:

Was raining this late afternoon... Even thought that tonight will be raining too. But guess what, it doesn't.

The sky is clear and the KLCC and KL Tower shines like diamonds now!

Thought that everyone will accompany me for not celebrating New Year...

My feelings really f**ked up now!!!

What the F**k!!!


Happy New Year by the way...


kim-chan said...

*hugs you tightly*
=) I'm at home now. Kita sama-sama celebrate new year in our houses together XD

kurokei said...

omg.. *hugs*
cheer up! it wasn't a very nice new year celebration as i expected. lol
but the fireworks is awesome though. =3
Happy New Year! =3

aiko said...

oh dear.. don't worry it'll be ok. things have a way of fixing itself. and there will be a silver lining waiting. a blessed day for you and good things to follow in 209.

aileng miao said...

Though its abiit late for this, but there's always rainbow thru the rain.

Happiee New Year :)

Jenny said...

Hey gal, Happy New Year!

I read ur last post about your hair falling out, its totally normal. Cos while you were pregnant, there was some hormone released which actually stops your hair falling out for the 9-10 months.

However, your hair SHOULD naturally fall out, so after giving birth, you will suddenly lose all those hair that you should have lost during the 9-10 months.

Hopefully, it wn't be too bad. I was so scared when mine fell out, but it looks fine now. Actually, I probably have more hair than before.


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