Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Juicy Couture Accessories

Doing some promoting here~ hehe....

My hubby are selling some accessories in forums and friendster... There's alot of accessories such as earrings, necklace etc....

Some big some small some long some short... haha~ Alot of varieties....

I'll post some of the items here, you can have a look first...

*Juicy Lucky Girl Charm Bracelet - There's a U Shape马蹄 (I don't know call what in english =_=""") that's why I call this a lucky bracelet. Haha XD*

*Juicy Full of Gold Charm Barcelet - Very shiny 18KGMP gold bracelet ^^*

*Juicy Girl's Favourite Charm Bracelet - Got one big diamond ring there, haha~ Can took out and propose with it! XD*

*Last but not least - Juicy Couture Crown Bear!!! I LOVE THIS MOST!!! Those diamante are super shiny *_*! It's a long necklace by the way...*

All the photos are taken by ME, design by ME!!! Muahahahaha~

Been putting alot of effort in it. Not an easy task to took accessories photos especially you're seriously lack of equipment X_X

If you're interested with things I post, you can look more at:
Some items are under clear stock promotion! Price are as LOW as RM10!!! You'll regret if you don't get yourself one! Hehehehe~

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