Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Routan Baby Maker 3000

Somehow the word "Routan" sounds like orang utan to me....

Was wu-liao blog hopping in the middle of the night, read Suet Li's blog and saw she's playing with this virtual baby maker thingy....

Ok, I tried the REAL baby maker then I should give it a try on the virtual ones. Hehe~

And the result end up like this:
I gotta find my jaws at the floor after laughing like hell~ Haha! What the *toot*.... How come the baby will look like... erm... *Undescribable*

Not giving up, I try another one, by changing Bun's photo. Why not mine? Because I think mine is good enough! Haha~ *Narcissistic~*

The 2nd one turn out to be this:
Ok~ The 2nd one looks better to me... But TOTALLY different with my son in reality~ Haha~ These virtual babies all turn out to look like more ang moh-ish while I already choose South Asian for the blood stream.

But weird, me and Bun don't have double eye lids, the result of both babies have double eye lids... Weird....

Anyway, show you ONE of my latest collection of Photo of the CUTEST boy boy in the world~
*Cutie~ XD*
Cute right? right? Wish to have one? Make your own then! XD Haha~

P.S:Typing the keyboard with short finger nails just feel so wrong~ Always typo mistake X_X


Jenny said...

Hey gal, thanks for visiting my blog. I wrote the entry to reflect on the stuff that has happened to me, and compare it with what I thought at the time.

Read through your labour entry. :) When I was giving birth, my mother advised me to inhale as much of the gas as possible! Hahaha... But surprisingly enough, when I pushed it wasn't painful. It really amazes me how two people can be giving birth to a baby, and how the experience is totally different. Some feel pain at a certain point, some no pain at all. Some take couple of hours, some take one day... You know. :)

Anyway, I'm going to go through your whole blog, kayz? See ya.

kurokei said...

The real one of course more cute. <3

kim-chan said...

XD XD XD real one so ADORABLE!!!!

Kevin said...

wah ur boy so hemsem la..as handsome as me lol wtf

aileng miao said...

the virtual baby... ahahahahaha I really cant stop laughing at it... muahahaha *soli to virtual bb of u n ur hubb :p

*dropby n pinch ur cutie baby again. ngehehehe ^^*