Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Last Day of 2009

Today marks the last day of 2009. 364 days of a year had passed, it's time to look back in these days and make a conclusion of the year shall we?


  • First New Year with Xuan Xuan
  • Went to Ulu Yam with Xuan Xuan for the first time. Xuan Xuan's first time seeing a waterfall.
  • First time celebrate Chinese New Year with Bun's family, and Xuan Xuan too. The Oh's Family style of celebrating CNY sure is different from my family. LOL!
  • Xuan Xuan FIRST time went to Cameron Highland.


  • Xuan Xuan is able to sit, roll over to another side.
  • Xuan Xuan's FIRST visit to Penang.
  • My first visit to NiuZeXui and dine at FullHouse.
  • Qi-chan back to Malaysia for holiday, celebrated Valentine's Day together via SEISYUN style!
  • Went to Zoo Negara, Xuan Xuan's FIRST visit to Zoo Negara.


  • Xuan Xuan becomes more and more active. Able to hold toys, show his emotion through face expression properly. Get to interact more with him.


  • Won my first online contest - MySimplifieds' Mother's Day contest in Grand Prize.
  • Xuan Xuan's FIRST visit to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.
  • Xuan Xuan FIRST time went to Nirvana Memorial Park for tomb sweeping day.


  • Celebrated my FIRST Mother's Day in my life. LOL!
  • Xuan Xuan's FIRST visit to Petronas Twin Tower Skybridge.


  • Celebrated my 22nd Birthday with Xuan Xuan and hubby in The Gardens Hotel.
  • Xuan Xuan able to stand for some time.
  • Xuan Xuan's FIRST time swimming.
  • Got myself a Twitter account.
  • Back to Ipoh to visit my in laws.
  • Celebrated MummyJoyce's birthday.
  • Celebrated KamSao's birthday.
  • Celebrated Bun's first Father's Day. Haha!


  • Xuan Xuan able to walk a few steps.
  • Took part in Estee Lauder's Model Search 2009.
  • Had the most satisfying haircut of the year at Miko Salon. LOL!
  • Became one of the candidates for the audition of Twisties Lurve Contest organized by Nuffnang.
  • Watched the ONE AND ONLY MOVIE in year 2009 - Transformers 2. WTF!


  • Xuan Xuan able to climb up and down and walk.
  • Celebrated Peiyue's birthday at The Heritage.
  • Celebrated the FIRST wedding anniversary at The Spread in The Gardens Hotel.
  • Celebrated Xuan Xuan's FIRST BIRTHDAY at Ipoh with a small party.
  • Dine at Foh San dim sum restaurant for the first time.
  • First time visit Pusing.


  • Celebrated Hana-chan's birthday.
  • Xuan Xuan's FIRST time attend to relative's wedding ceremony and dinner.
  • Xuan Xuan's FIRST visit to Titiwangsa playground.
  • Xuan Xuan FIRST drawing on the magnetic sketching board.
  • Moi FIRST consume of J-CO Donuts, Pudu Ong Mee Kee Siew Yuk and Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant.


  • Xuan Xuan FIRST time sing k with Hana-chan at Pavilion.
  • Celebrated Aira-chan's birthday.
  • First time to Hulu Langat's Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant.
  • Had the FIRST FREE Starbucks coffee on Good Coffee Day.
  • Done my first make-up tutorial on blog.
  • Xuan Xuan's FIRST visit to FRIM, Kepong.


  • Being featured in Nuffnang's Featured Blogger of The Month.
  • Attended the first ANIME cosplay event in my life - Anime Hanabi Festival.
  • Xuan Xuan FIRST time cosplayed as Son Goku/Gohan or whoever it is.
  • Celebrated Lao Gao's birthday.
  • Had my FIRST Carl's Jr burger.
  • Celebrated Kei-chan's birthday.
  • Went to Zoo Negara again with Bun's nieces.
  • Back to Ipoh during Haji public holiday.
  • Celebrated Bun's birthday peacefully. LOL!


  • Went to many many places to snap Christmas decorations photos.
  • Had an awesome family dinner during DaddyCharlie's birthday.
  • Visited Taylor's Lakeside Campus.
  • Had an AWESOME belated Christmas party at Pn. Chew's house. (Will blog soon. LOL!)
  • Blogged for the very last time in year 2009.

Well, I guess all these pretty much sums up what I've done during these 364 days... I've blogged most of the outings, events, happenings I've mentioned above, so if you're interested in these previous happenings you can always click the archive at the right side to read.

I have no New Year Resolution for year 2010, I just wish that everyone I know will be drowning in happiness, everything will go smooth with what we'll be doing and hope it's a GREAT YEAR AHEAD!!!! Weeeee~!!!

And thanks for your support all the way by reading my blog posts/visit my blog, without you guys, I can't make it this far. Thank you very much!

*Reiko wishes everybody: Happy New Year!!! ROAR!!!*

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cloud Lover

If you know me well or read my blog oftenly, I don't think you know this side of me: I'm a cloud lover. *smile*

I love clouds, all kinds of clouds... Make it white, grey, black, blue, yellow, orange, pink, purple clouds, or high, middle, low, vertical clouds etc etc... Anytime, anywhere, whenever I look up to the sky and I see clouds, I feel happiness and alive.

I love to snap photos of clouds too, but I never satisfy with the result, I can't capture and show the beautiful-ness of the cloud using my lousy camera. (or is it my lousy technique!? Sighs)

But before the end of 2009, the god gave me a lovely, pretty sunset with clouds and painted the scenery with all kinds of colours. I snapped tons of photos but only got a few (I think la) nice shots. Share with you guys:

*The Salt Egg Yolk sunset, shining beyond the cloud, gave its last bright shine before it sinks.*

*KL City and the beautiful sunset*

*I love the blue orange gradient colour in this photo.*

*Mad loves this one. One of the prettiest shot of sunset I've ever took.*

Went to Titiwangsa with Peiyue and PohLing this morning to a fun free and easy photoshooting session with Jackie Loi. He taught me some of the knowledges of DSLR such as aperture, ISO, shutter speed etc etc... Can't wait to see the photos!!!

Gosh~ This makes me soooo wanna own one DSLR too!!! 

God, listen to me please, my one and only wish in year 2010 is to have a DSLR camera. Beginner's will do. Please Please Pretty Please!!! Thank you!!!

P.S: If you're a cloud lover like me too, you will wanna see this: THE CLOUD APPRECIATION SOCIETY

P.S2: 1 more day to a whole new year, do something that leaves you a GREAT MEMORY of 2009 ok?