Monday, January 19, 2009

We Went to Ulu Yam

I'll let photos do the talking this time.... It's 5:30a.m. in the morning! Gotta sleep before my son wakes up~ X_X

This is the waterfall that I still remember!!!
Went to this waterfall and played here when I was small...
Went here with my family, my grandparents and my 3rd uncle's family~!
Sweet memories I can say!

Lao Ya camera wanna try take nice water movement pics...
But failed! X_X
How to take the pic of the water like very smooth one ar? Like the Jiu Zai Gou one....

Saw couple doing wedding photoshoot~!
Shiawase ne~(Happiness ne~)

The restaurant which I still remember too~

Bun Bun and Xuan Xuan~

Camwhore Xuan Xuan~ Haha XD CUTIE!

Was posing to take pic but suddenly he turn his head to the back...
Must be the sound of the waterfall~

Finally~ But too small dy la~ Cannot see me clearly!

Close Up!!! Tee hee~ ^-^

Somebody build this mermaid~ Nice?
Got big boobs eh~

Did not bogelkan him to let him swim...
Too icy cold dy the water...
Just let him step on the water... Hehe
But he cry eh~ Dunno is because the cold water or the sound of the waterfall or what...

Went to the opposite side of the waterfall...
Got river one.
From up here you can see the river is at the bottom there.
Have to walk down
Quite a distance I can say~

Hanging bridge!!!
Have to be careful cos some of the woods broken dy~
Watch your steps!

But not a clean one.... I prefer waterfall that side
People eat in the river, and even wash their hair with shampoo in the river!!!
Why? Water bill very expensive meh?
Need to pollute the river like this or not?
I saw liao also feel very geli!

No people can help me take picture
So I have to take it myself
Wanna take me and the river and the hanging bridge
But end up head so big block all the scenery

Tall and Huge bamboos~
Why Malaysia don't have pandas?
So many bamboos here!

Climbing up the stairs and going back!!!

This tunnel leads to the waterfall we go earlier...
When I was small, around 3 or 4 years old,
my mum and me and my cousins come to this side through the tunnel!
I even stand on the stones and took picture!
Very dangerous I know....
Now the tunnel blocked... Cannot pass~ T_T

Scary right???
Really don't know why me and my cousin willing to stand there to take photo!

Climb all the way up, I don't have energy dy~

P.S: These places belongs to Selangor State Park, prepare to pay RM1 when heading to these places~

P.S2: Don't do stupid things like wash hair with shampoo or take bath with soap or shower cream when you're in the river or at waterfall~ Looks disgusting and also show that you're brainless and effortless to keep this earth green and healthy!

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